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The event simply known as Blakesburg could not happen if it were not for volunteers.

Yet we are well aware that inflation and rising fuel costs may cause some to question whether they can attend the 2023 event.

To help, we have a program for those that want to give of their time/efforts to offset those expenses. Every hour you can come and help out here at Antique Airfield before, during, and after the fly-in will be credited towards either your AAA/APM Fly-in registration or camping fees.

Our regular Fly-in prep work weekends begin on Aug 5th, but you are welcome to help out during the week, during our scheduled work weekends, during the fly-in, or after the fly-in and on into the fall.

Call Cindy at AAA Headquarters at (641) 938-2773 for more details and to sign up.