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The Antique Airplane Association (AAA) is aviation’s oldest organization dedicated to restoring and flying antique and classic aircraft.

History & Purpose


Formed in 1953 by the late Robert L. Taylor, our motto then as now is “Keep the antiques flying,” and that remains our mission, to help the owners, restorers, and pilots of antique and classic aircraft. Since its founding, the AAA has steadfastly followed the core principle of being a by the members, for the members organization.

Through the past seven decades, the AAA has worked to benefit all involved in owning, restoring, and flying antique/classic aircraft, be they AAA members or not. A few of those notable efforts include:

  • A successful effort to change regulations concerning registration markings on antique/classic aircraft in the 1960s.
  • As a member of the National FAA Aging Aircraft Ad-Hoc Committee, the AAA helped draft AC 23-27; Parts and Materials Substitution for Vintage Aircraft.
  • Winning the landmark SCOTUS case, Taylor v Sturgell, concerning access to FAA FAA-approved data/drawings for antique/classic aircraft.

So, whether it’s our insurance program for the owners of antique and classic aircraft through Butler-Brown Insurance (both aircraft and life), our membership publication: the Antique Airfield Runway, the new/improved website, our Facebook page, our monthly “Brent’s Blast” e-mail to keep our members up to date, or our long and continued advocacy on behalf of all owners of antique/classic aircraft, the AAA remains dedicated to aviation’s Golden Age.

Join us and personally have a voice in helping to “Keep the Antiques Flying.”

Where We Started

The first aircraft to ever grace the grass here at IA27 was AAA Founder Robert L. Taylor’s 1939 Porterfield CP-50, on June 20, 1970. At that time Antique Airfield consisted of the 1600 ft E-W runway, and Hangar #1… that’s it!

Back then, our affiliate organization, the Air Power Museum Inc. (APM), had yet to buy the adjacent property, build the museum facilities, and move from the Ottumwa Airport. There was no N-S runway, campgrounds, shower houses, AAA Headquarters, Hangar #2, 24th Fighter Sqd. Mess Hall, Pilot’s Pub, or even much area for aircraft parking.

Moving Forward

It’s hard to imagine that 50 years have passed, but thanks to our supporters, the Antique Airfield is known worldwide as the center and home of the antique/classic airplane movement and continues to grow and improve. Thank you to those who made that possible: our staff, directors, loyal and hard-working volunteers, donors, and AAA members.

In 2020, we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Antique Airfield itself. As such the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in will continue to reflect, yet reinforce, what the event is traditionally all about, and celebrate what makes it distinctly different from all other aviation events, all while looking forward and growing.

AAA National Directors

Brent Taylor, President

Tom Lowe


Terry Wallace


Ben Taylor

Todd Harders

Mike Lossner


Phil Dacy


Bob Taylor, Founder (In Memory)

Ready to join us in our mission?