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The AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in starts a week from tomorrow and we are working hard to have all in readiness.

This past weekend was busy here at IA27 with a limited crew on hand due to many of our volunteers attending the Iowa State Fair and/or due to high temps and humidity (both of which just happen to occur at this time of year).

Still we had volunteers here from IA, IN, NE, NY & SC, and the following tasks were completed!

  1. Ben, Gabe, and Dan Quinn got the Dave Warren Coffee House out of storage and assembled on the porch of the Ground Loop Inn. LuAnne Quinn has stepped forward, and volunteered to run the Coffee House this year for all you early risers that will be attending the Fly-in.
  2. Marcy Taylor & Gabe Grimm Hinze have the north showerhouse cleaned and ready to go after Ben Taylor got the last of the plumbing operating in a nominal fashion.
  3. Gabe, Dan, Ben & Brent Taylor cleaned out the Mess Hall and scrubbed the floor in preparation for painting. Once again Ben got the plumbing up to snuff and operating.
  4. Jim Chapman and Aaron Angle continued efforts to get the parking areas and campgrounds rough cut, with finish mowing scheduled for this coming weekend.
  5. Josh Trail was back during the week to keep the Ryan STA project moving ahead. The airplane is ready to fly, but we have made a determination not to until we acquire a new set of spark plugs (unshielded) for the Menasco D-4. Any help in finding & securing said items would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Bud Ross and Kelton Buechler, with some help this am from Jim Ashley, finished up the new plumbing in the south showerhouse, and it is ready for cleaning, etc.
  7. Cindy DeWild & Marcy Taylor worked on getting the registration office cleaned and ready for registering all those attending the Fly-in.

Sunday saw three local ABATE Motorcycle chapters host their annual picnic here at Antique Airfield, and despite the heat and humidity, had a bigger crowd than last year. Meanwhile, Ben Taylor was busy smoking the meat that will be served at the Annual Mowing Party lunch here next Saturday. Hope to see you then.

Thanks to all the above who came to help, it’s greatly appreciated.

The AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in could not happen if it were not for volunteers like those mentioned above.