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Adkisson Hangar Donors List

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Donor's List

Thank you to all of the donors for the Adkisson Hangar project. Donors are listed below. Try out our Interactive Map of the Adkisson Hangar donors and the section of floor that they've claimed!

AJ and Marian Stricker Aaron Klugherz Abraham Vander Linden
Alan Muir Allan Hatz Ben Middleton
Ben Taylor Bill Green Bill and Gloria Hoffrage
Bo Kalabus Bob Punch Bob Rogers
Bob and Cindy Grimm Bob and Elke Straub Brent and Marcy Taylor
Brett Adkisson Burkhard Reinsch Cam Blazer
Captain Dot Prose USN Carolyn Myers Chris Buerk
Christopher L Freeze Christopher and Jerri Bergen Curtis Sanders
Dallas Grimm Dallas Grimm Dallas and Arah Grimm
Daniel Tomczak Dara Vander Linden Darrell Downing
Dave Lewis Dave Sirota Dave Whysol
David Coop David Gubert David and Denise Lahrman
David and Johy Schuhmann Dennis Duke Adkisson Dennis Siebel
Dereck Tag Adkisson Dick and Diane McLean Doc Hecker
Don Kerkhoff Don and Jenny Rasmussen Douglas Conciatu
Douglas Conciatu Douglas Dykhouse Edmund H Dates
Eldon Boose Elisha Vander Linden Ellias Linden
Eric A Smith Eric Karnes Eric and Jane Fritz
Erica Hoagland Erik Edgren Ethan Stockman
Eugene P Poulin Jr Evan Stockman Ezra Vander Linden
Francis "Frannie" Rourke Frank Baldwin Frank Nash
Fred A Larson Fred Johnson Fred and Margaret Borns
Gary L Petersen Gary L Petersen Gary and Nancy Hanson
Gary and Nancy Hanson George A Chandler George F Alleman
George Francis George and Rose Wamser Glenn Kinneberg
Harold Schwan Harry K Smith Harry Williams
Harve Applegate Hilton Carson Hobie Washburn
Holly Vanorny Howard A Coombs In Memory of Bud Sorden
In Memory of Eugene Townsend In Memory of Giles Henderson Jack Chapman
James R Brewer James Savage James and Kathleen Schreier
Jason M Smith Jeff Cain Jeff and Sheila Lancaster
Jerry Spear Jerry and Delores Adkisson Jim A Rourke
Jim Fisher Jim Zazas Jim and Kathy Hannemann
Jim and Mary Jean Fowler Joe Pribilo Joe Tarafas
Joe Tarafas Joel Meanor John H Edgren
John M Edgren John Rourke John Schmidt
John Woody Gillespie John and Teri Nance Joseph Collura
Jude Vander Linden June Kamm Karl Henning
Karl Johanson Keith Givens Keith and joann Walker
Ken Dye Ken Dye Ken Marth
Kevin Altenhofen Kevin Michael Kegin Kevin T Kennelly
Kevin and Andrea Eldridge Layton Humphrey Lee Borchers
Leon Basler Leonard Boswell Lester W Long
Lowell Miller Lowell and Lisa Solterman Luke Pieper
Lyman Hatz Marc Remhof Marginal Aviation
Mark Harris Mark White and Mary Wood Mark and Nancy Weinreich
Mark and Teri Lancaster Megan Adkisson Mel and Mary Gage
Michael Clarke Michael Hendrick Michael Tindall
Mike Townsley Mike and Holly Harper Neil Bondi
Noel Allard Pat Bernard Pat Pockrus
Pat Pockrus Pat Rourke Patrons of the Pub (tips)
Paul Bretanus Paul J Smith Paul Workman
Paul and Kate Isakson Pella Rolscreen Pete Boronkay
Peter and Marykate Bayer Peter and Marykate Bayer Pinpoint Harnessing
Quentin Adkisson Ray Middleton and Gary MacFarquhar Ric and Lisa Woldow
Richard V Prignano Jr Rob Bach Robert and Bernie Eckberg
Ron House Ronald D Snell Ronnie Earl Adkisson
Rudy Frasca Russ Carson Russell Williams
Ryan Lihs Ryan P Smith Ryan Pierce Carson
Scott L Shepard Scott and Julie Fisher Songbird Aviation
Songbird Aviation Stefan Honegger Stephanie Edgren
Steve Adkisson Steve Butler Steve McGuire
Steve Stockman Steven P Olson Sue and Jim Green
Ted Davis Terry Musick Texas AAA
Thomas E Rippee Thomas M Belford Tim Rourke
Tim Verhoeven Toby and Jenn Hanson Tom Baker
Tom Frasca Tom and Elaine Noyes Tom and Nancy Lowe
Trevor Adkisson Ty Sundstrom Ty Zeiner
Vaughn Lovley Walter Fawcett Wanda "Blondie" Adkisson
Wayne Lichtenwalter William H Adkisson William H Sieg
William J Wylde William Lokes William Middleton