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You are invited to join us!

You are invited to join us. We are the world's oldest antique and classic airplane association. We cordially invite your membership in the Antique Airplane Association, Inc. As a person interested in antique and classic airplanes plus aviation history and related aviation memorabilia collecting, you may well ask just what the AAA, Inc. is and why you should join us?

There are a growing number of aviation organizations, historical societies and museums and you are possibly involved in one or several groups. We cannot achieve the impossible goal of being all things to all old airplane enthusiasts or historians. We can and do provide an ongoing communication service among those who see, find, restore and fly old airplanes. We also serve the growing clan of replica builders. With nineteen affiliated chapters and ten type clubs we are constantly building and expanding a brotherhood of motivated restorers and builders that maintain a living history of aviation.

A primary purpose of the AAA and APM is to continue our efforts to tie in the past with the present. Our website is a service to the antique airplane community. Our printed publication, the Antique Airfield Runway, features the latest restorations, fly-in news and trip reports in relationship to aviation history. This publication is a benefit of your AAA membership.

The Butler-Brown Insurance group plan provides our members with discounted rates on antique, classic and unique aircraft liability insurance. This plan has been working well for over two decades.

Another member benefit is access to the APM Library and resources, which include books, magazines from the "Golden Age" of aviation, technical resources in the form of books, magazines, and parts. Our staff is available to assist members with questions and requests to access library materials and also to tap into the knowledge of the AAA member community. For easy access, we are putting APM Library collections online which members can search and access via our website.

We know from over fifty years of being deeply involved in this fascinating hobby that "antiquers", as we call them, mechanics, pilots and historians are highly motivated, talented and cooperative with their fellow members. The AAA is not only independent, but is the oldest and still the major organization primarily devoted to antique, classic and replica aircraft. As such it represents the mainstream of such activity. We make no claim to "having it all" but invite you to participate and find new opportunities and activities via your AAA membership.

You may be a former member that we have lost contact with and we promise you your old membership number back and the opportunity to renew old friendships, good fly-ins and new contacts that can help all of us to "Keep The Antiques Flying".

Robert L. Taylor

How to Join

To join, simply print out the Membership form, complete it, and mail it.