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Latest Fly-In Registrations

Posted in News | August 17, 2015

Time is running short for pre-registration for the 2015 Fly-In. If you pre-register you can save time at the fly-in during sign-in, and you get a picture of your airplane here on the website. It also helps with planning for food ordering. You can registered online or via paper mail, but if you want to use paper you'd better hurry! Click here to register.

2011 Pietenpol Aircamper NX912JG
Chad Hill
Bellevue, NE
(Charles E. "Chuck" Stewart photo)
1946 Stinson 108-1 N97990
Tim & Luverne Verhoeven
New Prague, MN
(G.R. Dennis Price photo)
1947 Stinson Voyager N8685K
Gary Redden
Wymore, NE
(Brent Taylor photo)
1941 Monocoupe 90al NC38905
Richard Smith
Seneca, PA
(Charles E. "Chuck" Stewart photo)
1946 Taylorcraft BC12-D N95598
Terry Bowden
Moody, TX

Work Weekend Report

Posted in News | August 17, 2015

It was a busy weekend once again at Antique Airfield. Besides a big crew of volunteers on hand to move forward on several projects and Fly-in preparations, we were honored to show Commander (Ret.) Kirk Lippold around Antique Airfield and the APM.

For those that may not recognize the name, Kirk Lippold was the Commanding Officer of the USS Cole (DDG-67) on October 12, 2000 when the ship was attacked and bombed by Al-Qaeda terrorists during a refueling stop in the Yemen. Kirk is a recent private pilot and was in the Ottumwa area to speak at a benefit for the "Wounded Warrior Project".

We enjoyed his visit and look forward to seeing him fly into Antique Airfield in the future.

Also this weekend, the ABATE motorcycle group (Chapters 12, 15, 18 & 24) held their annual picnic at Antique Airfield, with lots of interesting motorcycles to look at!

But back to the work weekend. Much was accomplished this weekend with work being done on the Pilot's Pub, the APM Gift Shop, finish work on the new APM hangar doors, painting the porch of the "Library of Flight" and spreading a lot of the recently donated mulch around the 24th Fighter Sqd Mess Hall, the Pub, the Fly-Market, etc.

"Thanks" to the following folks for coming out and helping: Ken Marth, Luke Pieper, Rick Gritters, Jesse Fuller, Mark & Teri Lancaster, John Tiffany, Gary Lust, Ron Hodges & friend, Mike Gretz, Dan Quinn, Charles Van Noorde, Marcy & Ben Taylor.

We'll be hosting another work day/weekend on Saturday August 22nd. If you can come and help out please let us know!

Ken, Ben & Rick spreading some of the 100yds of mulch donated by B&B Bedding of Oskaloosa, IA. The mulch is being spread in low and bare spots about Antique Airfield to help keep things drier in case of rain this year.

The final projects in connection with the news doors on the APM Main Museum hangar included installing a drain tile and the center hold down pins for the doors themselves. Here the "Georgia Back Hoe" crew takes a water break!

The new drain tile being laid while Marcy, Teri & Cooper supervise!

Finishing up the drain tile project, now it's on to the door pins. All was accomplished before the end of the day "Thanks" to a lot of hard work by a dedicated crew of volunteers.

Pilot's Pub Midnight Movies and Other News

Posted in News | August 17, 2015

The Pilot's Pub "Midnight Movies"

  • Wednesday – Airplane/ Zero Hour
  • Thursday – Disney Planes/ Battle of Britain
  • Friday – Disney Planes Fire & Rescue
  • Saturday – Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
  • Sunday – Red Tails

Pub Daily Specials

  • Welcome Wednesday – Opening night specials
  • Thirsty Thursday – Pub Snacks, Happy Hour specials
  • Friday – Sweet Corn Feed @ 2 PM on the runway side of the Pub
  • Friday – Pub Snacks – starting around 6 PM
  • Saturday – Pub Snacks – starting around 6 PM
  • Saturday – Hawaiian Shirt Awards; Raffle drawings
  • Sunday – 'Gone Home' specials in the Pub after the Awards Ceremony

Repair the Roof Activities

  • Patron of the Pub Sponsorship (see flyer)
  • $10 Donation - Includes 2 water bottles with free refills during pub hours at the 2015 Fly-in
  • Raffles: M&M display, Autographed windsock, Pilot’s Pub Print

Pub Memorabilia

If you have an item that would contribute to the ambiance of the Pub, please give to Brent or leave on the bar during any of the work weekends. We will do our best to find a spot for it.

Nebraska Chapter Fly-In August 28-30

Posted in Chapter News | August 12, 2015

The Nebraska Chapter of the Antique Airplane Association is holding its annual fly-in at Seward, NE August 28-30. This is a new location this year, and fun events. Drop in on your way to Blakesburg, you're invited to attend even if not part of the Nebraska Chapter. For more information see the chapter website.

First Arrival for the Fly-In?

Posted in News | August 12, 2015

Gary Redden, from Wymore, NE, dropped into Antique Airfield with his Stinson 108 yesterday to help out with grounds preparations for a few days. Does that mean Gary is the first arrival for the 2015 Fly-In?

Pre-registration remains open. If you pre-register you can save time at the fly-in during sign-in, and you get a picture of your airplane here on the website. It also helps with planning for food ordering. You can registered online or via paper mail, but if you want to use paper you'd better hurry! Click here to register.

1949 Piper PA-16 Clipper N5208H
Richard Sweet
Prior Lake, MN
1946 Globe GC-1B Swift N80600
Matthew Lovley
Prior Lake, MN
1943 Boeing N2S-3 Stearman
James Ostrich
La Mesa, CA
1939 Fairchild 24 NC20628
Wilbur A. Womack
Jackson, LA

Hangar Door and Work Weekend Report

Posted in News | August 10, 2015

The last week has seen an amazing amount of progress in connection with infrastructure projects and preparations for the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in now just a few weeks away

While projects like re-graveling all the roads/driveways around the field, trimming trees, landscaping etc. continue, some major projects were accomplished this week past.

In that week, the new roof was finished over the APM annex, new hangar doors were built and installed on the APM Main Museum hangar, the gable end of the APM Main Museum hangar received a face lift of all new metal sheeting, the exterior rebuild of the 24th Fighter Sqd Mess Hall was completed and some progress was made to the replacement of the N wall of Powell Hall and more.

All the above was accomplished due to a group of dedicated and extremely hard working volunteers who put in 10-12 hours a day for six days to get these projects done. These folks came from IA, IL, MI and MN.

When you see or meet the following folks at the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in be sure and “Thank” them for their dedication and efforts to make Antique Airfield & the APM a better place;

Steve Adkisson Gary Van Farowe Ken Marth
Bob Tejchma Dan & Dakota Quinn Luke Pieper
Tim & Luverne Verhoeven Ben Taylor Marcy Taylor
Holly Taylor Rick Gritters Les Gaskill
Nick Hildreth    

With the Fly-in but a month away, much remains to be done. We welcome any who would like to come spend a few hours or a few days to help move some of the unfinished infrastructure projects and/or Fly-in preparations toward completion/readiness. We will host work days each Sat/Sun from now until the Fly-in. The dates for those work days will be Aug 15th & 16th, Aug 22nd & 23rd and Aug 29th & 30th. August 29th will be the annual “Mowing Party” so bring your tractors, weed eaters, chain saws, shovels, rakes and other implements of destruction and help us have Antique Airfield looking its best for the Fly-in

Finally "Thanks " too all those who contributed to the 2015 APM Capital Improvement Fund. You help make these projects possible!

Brent Taylor

Monday Aug 3rd. And so it begins!! APM Director Steve Adkisson, AAA lifetime members Ken Marth, Dan & Dakota Quinn along with Ben Taylor have started work on replacement of the APM main museum hangar doors

Tuesday Aug 4th Steve Adkisson, Ken Marth, Dan & Dakota Quinn installed the new headers and door tracks for the APM main museum hangar as well as began construction on the new hangar doors.

Meanwhile Ben Taylor, along with help from Dakota Quinn finished construction of the new porch on the 24th Fighter Sqd. Mess Hall.

Wednesday Aug 5th Steve Adkisson, Ken Marth, Dan & Dakota Quinn & Ben Taylor framed up two of the three new hangar doors by end of the day. Door skins were installed on two of the doors as metal for the frame of the third door was being cut.

Thursday Aug 6th Gary Van Farowe & Bob Tejchma were back from MI to finish the re-roofing project on the APM annex and along with Steve Adkisson, Ken Marth, Dan & Dakota Quinn & Ben Taylor, made for quite a crew.

Even RLT's daughter Holly Taylor was up from the St.Louis area to help with some of the landscaping projects around the field.

Friday Aug 7th Steve, Ken, Dan & Ben dropped the old hangar doors off the APM main museum hangar, then installed new headers and new door track. The new hangar doors were rolled shut by the end of the day!

Saturday Aug 8th Along with continued progress on the getting the new hangar doors functioning, work to complete the installation of new metal on the gable end of the building was accomplished by Luke Pieper & Tim Verhoeven.

Plus Gary Van Farowe and Bob Tejchma finished the re-roofing of APM annex, a major undertaking!

Meanwhile Luverne Verhoeven was busy painting the 24th Fighter Sqd. Mess Hall as well as the porch/railing at the “Library of Flight”, while a crew worked on cleaning and prepping the Fly-Market for the Fly-in.

Get your Registrations In for the Fly-In

Posted in News | August 10, 2015

If you haven't already registered, take a few minutes now to get it done for the 2015 Fly-In. Speed up check-in at the field, and you get your picture here on the website for posterity!

There's plenty of time for you to send in your registration! Click here to register

1952 Cessna 195 N195MJ
Roald Lutz
Sandia Park, NM
(G.R. Dennis Price photo)
1940 Porterfield CP-65 NC25499
Charlie Slinger
Randolph, WI
(G.R. Dennis Price photo)
1927 Ford 4-AT-B C1077
Yellowstone Aviation
Jackson, WY
(Gilles Auliard photo)
1947 Stinson 108-1 N8713K
Charles Avon
Hohenwold, TN
1940 Taylorcraft BC85 N26658
Shannon Avon
Hohenwold, TN
2013 Hatz CB-1 N501P
Rick Hansen
Fox Lake, IL
(Jim Koepnick photo)
1930 Stearman 4E NC785H
Brian Aukes
Ankeny, IA
(G.R. Dennis Price photo)
1941 Interstate S-1A Cadet
Lee Mattix
Independence, KS
(Charles E. “Chuck” Stewart photo)
1946 Luscombe 8A NC45504
Jim Zazas
Carthage, NC
(G.R. Dennis Price photo)
2013 Cabin Ace SJ N486N
Steve McGuire
Ponca City, OK

Fly-In T-Shirt Designs

Posted in News | August 10, 2015

Here are the T-Shirt designs for the 2015 AAA/APM Fly-In, Join the AAA Record Breakers featuring Curtiss Robin and Stinson 108 Aircraft.

The Stinson shirts feature the Stinson 108 with authentic factory maroon and blue color schemes.

Northwest Antique Airplane Club Fly-In This Weekend at Scappoose, OR

Posted in News | August 10, 2015

The Northwest Antique Airplane Club (NWAAC) Fly-In is this coming Friday and Saturday, August 14 and 15, at Scappoose, OR. Spaghetti Feed Friday evening. Saturday morning pancake breakfast, and show with live music all day on Saturday. The fly-in is presented with the Highway 30 Cruisers.

Check out the flyer for full details.

Cirigliano Restoration Update

Posted in Members | August 10, 2015

Mark Zilinsky of Naperville, IL sent an update on the Cirigliano project that he is working on:

The pictures are of Walt Bowe's Cirigliano that I've been working on.

The one of it assembled is basically all the parts that were left of the original airplane, the top wing is new and was crafted by Brian Meuser. I've been recreating the rest from a couple picture's Walt sent along with the parts.

The machine work on the OX-5 is complete and it's waiting for final assembly. Brian Stansberry has been working on the cowing and is doing an outstanding job! There are many more detailed pictures on my website See you at Blakesburg.