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Frasca Field Fundraiser for Ronnie Adkisson May 17th

Posted in Members | April 30, 2008

APM Director Earl Adkisson's son Ronnie was involved in a serious auto accident during April 2008. There will be a fundraising event to benefit health care for Ronnie on Saturday, May 17th 2008 at Frasca Field in Urbana, IL.

Lunch will be served at noon at the Frasca Air Museum will be Open for the event! Click for the flyer.

Newton Iowa Flight Breakfast May 24th

Posted in Chapter News | April 30, 2008

The First Annual Ray Hill Memorial Flight Breakfast will be on May 24th at Newton, Iowa (KTNU). Miss Iowa USA Abbey Curran will be at the event, which is to benefit restoration of the Smiling Thru Hangar and EAA Chapters in Ames, Marshalltown, Des Moines, and Newton. Click for the flyer.

Contact Jim Jones at 641-792-9764 for more details.

Joe Fichera's Bird BK Restoration

Posted in Members | April 30, 2008

Well known antique airplane authority Joe Fichera of Stevensville MD continues to make progress on the restoration of his Bird BK. Joe has owned this plane since 1946. This aircraft also has the distinction of being the airplane that Anne Morrow Lindbergh learned how to fly in.

Tim Lunceford's Heath Center Wing Restoration

Posted in News | April 30, 2008

Tim Lunceford of Albany, Oregon has restored Heath Center Wing Racer NR12882. The aircraft has flown but Tim's still working through bugs with the A-40 engine. This plane makes a Mooney Mite look big!

Three More Mail Planes for Air Mail Days

Posted in News | April 30, 2008

Bill Tinkler, Rich Hornbeck, and Pat McNerney will be bringing more mail planes to Air Mail Days, the 2008 National Fly-In! Never been to Blakesburg before? Read the First Timer's Guide to attending the Blakesburg fly-in.

Bill Tinkler re-traced the east-west air mail route in 1984 in his Luscombe 8F.

Rich Hornbeck's Waco ASO was the tow-plane for the Texaco "Eaglet" transconinental glider flight from March 30th to April 6th 1930. Click to see a mail cover from this historic flight.

Pat McNerney's Fairchild KR21 was a participant in the 1938 National Air Mail Week Celebrations.

Larry Tobin's Stearman C3B project is getting close to flying, probably sometime in May. Check out the updated photos.

See the full list of committed aircraft and details.

Larry Tobin's Stearman C3B Wings are Hung

Posted in Members | April 30, 2008

Larry Tobin's Stearman C3B SN 104, soon to be the oldest flying Stearman, is looking like a real airplane with it's wings hung April 14th. The Mamer livery and CAM 32 is a tribute to local Spokane Aviation history.

The rigging is coming out surprisingly good for an airplane with lots of repair trauma over the years. The wings measure square ("N" strut to tail both sides) to the tail post within 3/16 and the landing gear now points in the right direction. This is a real tribute to the fuselage repair work that Ryan Pemberton did.

Look for more pix soon as she could fly in May.

Fly-in Announcements

Posted in News | April 30, 2008

New fly-ins have been posted for the 21st Annual Applegate Watermelon and BBQ Fly-In, and for the Frasca Field Taildragger Fly-In.

Chuck Doyle's Travel Air Project

Posted in Members | April 29, 2008

Chuck Doyle's Travel Air project is making progress, the center section and the wings are now done:

Stinson Model O Replica Project

Posted in Members | April 29, 2008

Brad Poling wrote in about a Stinson Model O replica project:

We are now underway with building a full size replica of the Stinson Model "O". Thirteen Model O's were built during the '30s, and to the best of our knowledge none are known to be in existence today. Plans do not exist, so we are developing our own using photos, and a set of 1/4 scale R.C. model plans.

Photo from Juptner

Much of the Original Model "O" was developed using components from the Stinson SR-5. We are following the same path. We have acquired a Stinson SR-5, and are now in the proscess of converting the components into Model "O" parts.

The basic SR-5 fuselage truss will not be used in our project. It is in good condition, and is up for sale at this time. Many other components and parts are also available. If you are interested, contact us.

We continue to be in search of pictures, and drawings of the "O". Most needed are interior cockpit photos. We, of course would love to hear from anyone who has flown or been associated with her in an any way. The "O" was last known to be in the Los Angeles area in the late "40"s. Twelve of the "O"s went overseas, and no trace has been found of them.

Porterfields at Cable Airport

Posted in News, Members | April 29, 2008

John Crittenden sent us photos of the Porterfield Fly-In that took place at Cable Airport in Los Angeles during March. The bright green aircraft is John's model 35-70 "Spinach":