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DeHavilland Dragon Rapide Project Photos

Posted in Members | May 30, 2008

Bud Field and John Reed's DeHavilland DH89A Dragon Rapide is nearing completion at Bud's shop in Calaveras, California. The engine run went off perfectly per a report from Bud and "the old girl is going to get real big real soon".

Bill Tinkler Program on Re-tracing the Transcontinental Air Route

Posted in News, Members | May 30, 2008

Bill Tinkler is going to give a program at Air Mail Days, the 2008 Fly-In, on his 1984 flight re-tracing the transcontinental airmail route east to west. Bill's talk will feature the history of the transcontinental airmail route as well as information about his trip and what facilities still exist on the route. Exact date will be announced during the fly-in.

Historical Aircraft Group Museum Plans Air Mail Flights

Posted in News | May 30, 2008

The 1941 Historical Aircraft Group is also planning to re-enact Air Mail flights this summer at Geneseo New York during their July Fly-in. Details are in the flight and airmail cover announcement, or consult the Historical Aircraft Group website.

A Tale of Two Fly-ins

Posted in News, Members | May 30, 2008

Rob Bach published this article in Atlantic Flyer a few months ago, and we incorrectly linked to the wrong place. Here's the actual article, and it is worth the read: A Tale of Two Fly-ins.

First Flight of Larry Tobin's Stearman C3B

Posted in News, Members | May 30, 2008

On May 17th Larry Tobin's Stearman C3B tooks its first flight since restoration. Larry's Stearman will be a featured part of this year's Air Mail Days National Fly-in at Blakesburg.

Addison Pemberton wrote in with this flight report:

For the 1st time in 70 years the NC3440 call sign was used to launch SN 104 sky ward. The airplane fly's like a dream with wonderful harmonized controls and pleasant stick forces. Ground roll is less than 10 seconds with a spirited 1100 FPM climb. The stability and ground handling of this great airplane are truly excellent. Larry Tobin and my son Ryan have done a notable job of restoration on this historic treasure. This is one of the most pleasant biplanes I have ever flown!!! Lloyd Stearman really had this figured out. During the test hop my boys flying chase commented that the airplane appeared to be suspended by strings against the blue sky.

The fix list sheet is virtually blank with a little increase in the prop pitch needed down the road to add an other easy 10 mph to the cruise speeds. Note the grin in st6 with Larry skimming over local grass fields which really shows the stunning "Mamer Air Transport" livery.

Look for the airplane at Blakesburg Iowa, Brodhead and Galesburg this summer. Larry will then join Ben Scott and me on the Trans con run form NY-SF if our credit cards hold out with soon to be $6 + gal fuel.

New Supplier of Rocker Box Grease

Posted in News, Members | May 30, 2008

Alan Cowen of Tucson has recently started packaging up Jewell Amber Oil, a rocker box grease that's much more like historical rocker box greases than modern greases. Jewell Amber Oil is a non-fluid oil that melts and coats rocker box parts and most importantly runs into the valve guides to keep them lubricated.

Alan is packaging and selling the grease in caulking gun tubes and standard grease gun cartridges. It looks very promising - contact Alan or read his site for specs and more details on how to purchase.

Texas Chapter June 2008 Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | May 26, 2008
Here is the Texas Chapter Newsletter for June 2008.

See all the Chapter Newsletters.

APM Recieves Gift of Republic RC-3 "SeaBee" Amphibian

Posted in News, Members | May 22, 2008

Thanks to the generosity of A. K. Young, Sandia Texas, the APM is the recipient of a Republic RC-3 "SeaBee" N6019K serial number 189.

The aircraft is in very good condition needing only a prop overhaul and annual inspection to be returned to airworthy condition. The aircraft is very original with the only modifications being wing tip extensions, wide spray rails and modern brakes. Still powered with the original Franklin 6A8-B8F engine of 215 hp, this donation comes with a spare engine as well as a multitude of spare parts.

The Republic RC-3 "SeaBee" was designed by P.H. Spencer and began production in Nov 1945. Production ended two years later in Oct of 1947 with a total production run of 1060 aircraft. Currently there are 449 "SeaBee's" on aircraft registries around the world including the US, Canada, France, England, Sweden & Australia. For more information about the "SeaBee" please check out the International Republic SeaBee Owner's Club website at

This particular "SeaBee" has the distinction of being the first of its type to land at Antique Airfield. A. K. Young brought N6019K to the AAA/APM Annual Fly-in in 2004.

Currently N6019K is hangared at the airport in Charles City, IA. One truck load of spare parts has already been delivered to the APM and another trip is planned in the near future to retrieve the spare engine, wings and other parts. We plan to remove the propeller currently on the aircraft for overhaul and would like to encourage financial donations to help defray the costs of this expensive overhaul.

We hope and plan to be able to fly the "SeaBee" to it's new home within the next month or so and we will have it on display during the AAA/APM Fly-in (Aug. 27th - Sep 1st) for all to view.

"Thanks" once again to A. K. Young for his generosity and also to Charles City, IA FBO Bill Kyle for his help in seeing that "SeaBee" N6019K has a new home at the APM.

Brent Taylor

Florida Antique Biplane Association Chapter Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | May 22, 2008
Here is the Florida Antique Biplane Association Chapter Newsletter for May 2008, along with updated Classified Ads.

James Love's Stearman N2S Ready to Fly

Posted in Members | May 22, 2008

James Love N2S Stearman, based at Felts Field in Spokane, is ready to fly after a 5 year restoration. The new airworthiness was issued this week. Congratulations and good luck on the test flight!