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Fly-in Comments from Members

Posted in Members | September 16, 2008

Thought we'd publish some comments from folks who made it to the 2008 Fly-in. Please send us your thoughts too!

From: Ken Nelson

It took me 18 years to finally make it to your fly-in and all I can say is that it has been my loss not to have attended earlier. I stopped by Antique field on my way to and from Florida in my 11ac back in 1991 and have intended to come to fly in ever since. This year both work and weather cooperated for the trip. This trip was the first longer cross country in my Aeronca Sedan since I majored engine - prop -new firewall - new wiring and breakers - new exhaust system - gps - transponder.

What impressed me about fly in was the people - simple country atmosphere - being able to be relatively close to great airplanes as they flew - good food at a reasonable price - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND I HOPE TO MAKE IT BACK NEXT YEAR.

From: Sonya Spencer

The covers arrived today in perfect order. Thanks for your prompt attention and especially a hugh thanks for the great flyin. We flew 3 days from California to get there and three days to return home and it was worth every minute. Fabulous!! What will you do for an encore?

From: Rosemary Duckworth

There is only one word to describe the 2008 Fly-In at Antique Airfield: PRICELESS....

Thank you so much for all your hard work. I have never seen so many happy faces in one place. Is Addison Pemberton always smiling? And Greg Herrick with his "thumbs up" after tying down the Tri-Motor????

Do you know if someone is doing a photo cd? I think it would be a great fundraiser for the AAA and people would buy them in a heartbeat. I know I would buy more than one!!! I asked Mike Gretz if he had any of the stamps that were used on the envelopes for sale, and he said to ask Brent if that might be a possibility to offer on the website in the future.

Oh, thanks for the memories.......... Rosie

From: Jan and Ron Schuster

Taylors and all Volunteers,

Thank you so much for the most enjoyable fly-in we have ever attended. I attended the AAA fly-in last year, fell in love with the association and joined. I vowed to return this year, with my wife and camp out for the festivities. In deed we did.

Yes, the airplanes were great, yes the preparation was great, yes the food was great and all the people from aircraft handlers to the catered food treated all of us with respect. Felt like family, thanks again!

Air Mail Covers Shipping Update

Posted in News | September 16, 2008

As of 9-15-08 all orders received (to this point) for covers flown during "Air Mail Days" have been shipped.

While we can no longer fill future orders for the sets of four or the complete sets of ten covers, there are still covers available from 8 of the 10 legs flown over the four days. Orders for these covers can be placed here on the AAA/APM web site.

Texas and Florida Antique Biplane Association September Chapter Newsletters

Posted in Chapter News | September 16, 2008
Here are the Texas Chapter September 2008 and Florida Antique Biplane Association September newsletters.

See all the Chapter Newsletters.

Wings are on Bud Field's Dragon Rapide

Posted in Members | September 04, 2008

The wings are now back on Bud Field's Dragon Rapide project.

Air Mail Photos at Iowa City

Posted in News | September 04, 2008

The folks at the Alexis Park Inn sent us a photo gallery of the Air Mail flights at Iowa City, which also commemorated the 90th Anniversary of the Iowa City airport (KIOW). Click for the photos. Thanks!

Port Townsend Aero Museum Opening

Posted in News | September 04, 2008

Fred Austin sent us an update about the Port Townsend, Washington, Aero Museum's Opening Celebration on August 3rd, 2008:

I attended the pre-opening celebration at the Port Townsend Aero Museum this evening. If you like old airplanes you don't want to miss this museum. It is the culmination of years of hard work by retired United Captain Jerry Thuotte and his lovely wife Peggy and a whole bunch of youngsters, and I mean youngsters, starting in their early teens. This is a great story and here's a really short version. Jerry and Peggy have been training young people for years in the art or aircraft repair and restoration, teaching them to fly, helping them get their A & P and pilot licenses then find jobs in the industry when they were ready. Jerry will tell you the whole story if you can corner him when you drop by the museum. He'll tell you the kids built the museum, not him, and he means it.

Besides the aircraft exhibits there is a reference library and some wonderful paintings, prints, and photographs on all the walls. If you haven't been to the Port Townsend Airport they have a good restaurant where you can grab breakfast or a burger. It's about 100 yards from the museum and there are plenty of tie downs.

Cub Flying at Blakesburg

Posted in News | September 04, 2008

For folks who didn't have a chance to make the Fly-In this past weekend, Rob Bach and Carolyn Applegate kindly took some photos of the approach in the Applegate's Cub. It is almost like being there! All photos by Carolyn or Rob.

Anybody want to go fly?

Got a taker. Taxiing out.

In the pattern.

Overhead Antique Airfield.

Left base, landing to the south.

Short final.


Filling up for the next flight.

Antique Airfield in the Papers

Posted in News | September 04, 2008

The flights at Air Mail Days picked up some press coverage last weekend:

Airmail Covers and Pins to Ship Friday Sept 5

Posted in News | September 04, 2008

For everybody who pre-ordered Air Mail pins and postal covers: Thank you! The covers and pins will be shipping out this Friday, August 5th.

Sunset Jenny Flight

Posted in News | September 02, 2008

On Sunday evening at the Fly-in, as the air was cool and just as the sun was going behind the trees, Eric Presten and Frank Schelling treated Skeeter Carlson for a ride in the Jenny. It was a great way to end the day of flying.

Photo by Rob Bach

Photo by Rob Bach

Photo by Rob Bach

Photo by Rob Bach

Photo by Ryan Pemberton