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Alan Lopez's M-2 Bull Stearman Running Up

Posted in Members | October 27, 2008

Alan Lopez's M-2 "Bull" Stearman NC785H has its engine running at Trenton-Robbinsville Airport (NJ). It is looking ready to fly after a restoration by the Posey Brothers. This aircraft was discoverd by Bob Cameron in the Yukon at Teslin Lake many years ago.

The upper wing upper surface painted half orange was a standard paint scheme used by Varney Airlines in the Pacific Northwest region of the US to make their airplanes easier to locate when forced down or crashed in densely wooded and snow covered country. The engine is a P&W Hornet, R-1690.

Photo by Larry Posey

Photo by Larry Posey

Half Fast Flying Adventures Blog

Posted in Members | October 27, 2008

Brian and Rachel Aukes from Iowa are AAA members who keep a flying blog, Half Fast Flying Adventures. There's a report on the AAA fly-in and lots of other good stuff.

Rob Bach's Pietenpol Takes To The Air

Posted in Members | October 27, 2008

Photographic evidence that the darn thing actually flies after 700 hrs, $11,000, and two years of shop time. That's about 1/50th of a Boeing 40.

Couldn't get air-to-air shots 'cause nobody wants to be near the thing until all of the loose screws fall off and her personality (and pilot) become predictable.

Thanks everybody for your support,
Rob/Robby/Dad/Uncle Rob/Chickenhawk/Bachman/Cap

Western Waco Fly-In

Posted in News | October 27, 2008

Scott Woods sent us some photos from the Western Waco Reunion in Petaluma, California. Sure looks pretty!

Wait a minute, how did a Travel Air get in here?!

Air Mail Days Summary Report

Posted in News | October 27, 2008

Brent Taylor has summarized the Air Mail activities at this year's fly-in in a report with photos of all the mail planes and a log of all the flights.

Spinach Has A New Home In Seattle

Posted in Members | October 27, 2008

Spinach, the Porterfield 35-70 that used to belong to actor Bob Cumming in the 30's, has flown north to a new home. New owner Russell Williams, your website editor, got a great sendoff from John Crittenden, Ursula Tobbler, and the crew at Whiteman Airpark in Los Angeles in early October. The flight to Renton, Washington took two and half days and 8 hops. Low and slow is a new thing for me so I'm still getting used to the rhythm of cross-country hand propping and lots of oil on the windshield from Spinach's LeBlond radial.

Spinach performed well, just the usual collection of oil drips and drops, marking its territory. Apparently that territory includes the pilot, as Spinach is dripping oil from the tach cable and made a rather large wet spot on my right pants leg. We are bonded.

A crowd came out at Cottage Grove to greet Spinach during a fuel stop. Here are Tim Talen, Walt Dunden, and Tim Lunceford. Spinach’s pilot is getting better at landings, but still plenty of room for improvement. Maybe Blakesburg next year? Much more flying to do before I'm ready for that.

Doedo Schipper's Jungmann Back In The Air

Posted in Members | October 27, 2008

Doedo Schipper's Jungmann is back in the air with a new engine at the Longmont, Colorado airport. Doedo and crew have put in an O-320 with a customized cowling and flew for the first time in early October. Here are some photos of the finished project.

Doedo also sent us a short flyby video - click the image to play.

Air Mail Days Photo Slideshow

Posted in News | October 27, 2008

Brent Taylor put together a slide show of photos from Air Mail Days, this year's fly-in at Antique Airfield. Photos were contributed by many folks, it is worth the view!

Sparky Barnes' Video of Flying in the Boeing Model 40

Posted in Members | October 27, 2008

Sparky Barnes sent us a video of flying in Addison Pemberton's Boeing Model 40 at Air Mail Days. It is almost like being there - give it a view!

October Chapter Newsletters

Posted in Chapter News | October 27, 2008
Here are the October Chapter newsletters:

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