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Stars of the Sky and Screen:
Antique & Classic Aircraft Featured in Movies

We've started a project to track down those antique, classic, warbird and neo-classic aircraft that have appeared in movies or TV productions.

We know of several aircraft that are not currently on this list, such as the Frasca Air Museum's Curtiss P-40 (used in the movie "1941") and their Zero/T-6 (used in the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora"), and plan to update this listing as information becomes available and is verified.

This Waco UBF visited Antique Airfield one hot summer day in the 80’s, after appearing in one of the most famous films of all times. Want to name that movie?

If you know of "star" aircraft please help us expand this list with information about the movie, the aircraft, and pictures if you've got them.

We'll be using this list to invite those aircraft and those owners to participate in this year's AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in, Aug 27th – Sep 1st.

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Waco UBF-2 N13075, Raiders of the Lost Ark

Waco UBF-2, N13075, used in Raiders of the Lost Ark made a stop at Antique Airfield one sultry summer day in the 1980s. We've recently received a bit more info about this particular Waco from Larry Harmacinski; Nice pic of the UBF-2 back when Hank and Alice Strauch had it, which was something like 50 years of ownership. His Waco was painted up as a parachute because he used to be an avid jumper as well as jump plane pilot. The Waco is of course well known for the escape scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The pilot in the movie flew it right into the river bank in one scene, but Hank had it flying in 10 days to resume filming. With all those great memories of an ever helpful Hank, I was very sorry to receive a note from Alice informing us that Hank went West this past year.

Pepsi Travel Airs

Pepsi; Jack Strayer (blue jump suit, center) on his first visit to Antique Airfield with the Pepsi Skywriter (Travel Air D4D, N434N) sometime in the early 70’s. Looking over the Travel Air with Jack in this picture are (L-R) Herb Harkcom, Dan Laymon, Ruth & Warren Spencer. Alas, all these well known antiquers have "Gone West". Here's a Pepsi commercial that featured the travel Air back in the 70's:

Pepsi 434P; Many may not realize that during the 70's - 90's Pepsi actually operated two Travel Air D4D's, N434N & N434P. N434N is now on display at NASM in Washington DC while N434P is on display at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, CA. Here's a photo of N434P on one of it's many visits to Antique Airfield. At the various time either of the Pepsi Travel Air's graced the grass here at Antique Airfield, pilot's included Jack Strayer, Suzanne & Steve Oliver, John Morrisey & AAA Lifetime member Susan Dacy.

Beech 18 N213SP, The Good Shepherd and Crime Story

From Ken & Lorraine Morris, Poplar Grove, IL; Hi guys! Wanted to let you know that our Beech 18, N213SP 'Sweet Pea' was in the movie 'The Good Shepherd' and an episode of the TV series 'Crime Story'. Look forward to seeing you at AAA Fly-in!.

Widgeon N4453, Fantasy Island

"De Plane...De Plane" The Grumman Super Widgeon, N4453 (actually a French built Scan type 30) converted to Lycoming R-680's (Gannet conversion) used in the popular TV show Fantasy Island. AAA Lifetime member Mark Trimble attended the 2003 AAA/APM Fly-in with it.

Fairchild 71 NC9727, Mini-Wheats Commercial

Blakesburg 2010: The 2010 AAA Grand Champion Antique, a 1929 Fairchild 71, was used in a Kellogg's Mini-Wheats commercial filmed at Antique Airfield during the 1975 AAA/APM Fly-in. At the time the 71 was owned by the APM and was flown for the commercial by AAA Founder/President Robert L. Taylor. The commercial is below, along with the current condition of the 71.

After much digging original photos from the filming at the 1975 fly-in are also below, photos by Eric Lundahl. We hope you enjoy these images from almost 40 years ago and imagine many of our members may recognize some of the “extras” as well as people in the crowd. On a side note, we understand that the 71 has a new owner and NC9727 is currently based in the Tullahoma, TN area.

The opening shot features the APM’s Fairchild 71 making a pass down the staged flight line which is basically the E/W runway.

AAA Founder/President Robert L. Taylor making another pass for yet another take during filming with the Fairchild 71, currently owned by Gary Cooman of Tullahoma, TN. Interestingly, the youngster on the right is now a well known DER & Vintage DER from TX... Terry Bowden.

RLT discussing the aerial shots with the director & film crew. Appears to be the Newhouse Bird in the background.

Looks pretty serious, whatever the production crew is discussing.

Filming another portion of the commercial. Many recognizable faces in the crowd watching.

The actors pose with a Tiger Moth (Gary Lust's ??). We’re not positive as to who/what was towing the Mini-Wheats banner in the background but believe it may have been Earl Kopp in his Spartan C-3

Curtiss Robin N3277G, Pearl Movie

Our 2010 AAA/APM Fly-in included a very special event, that of an official screening of the independent film Pearl, The story of Pearl Carter Scott "the youngest licensed pilot in America". The movie featured AAA Lifetime member David Mars's Curtiss Robin (N3277G), AAA Lifetime member Ted Davis's New Standard D-25 (NC7286) & AAA Lifetime member Clay Adams Travel Air E4000 (NC397M). The screening was literally held "under the stars" during the AAA/APM Fly-in with the three staring aircraft acting as a backdrop. We were also joined by the screenwriter, D.J. Carlton, and the actress that played Pearl Carter's mother Lucy in the movie, Angela Gair. If you weren't able to attend this special evening, here's the movie trailer to give you a taste of what you missed.

Jelly Belly Interstate Cadet NC37428

Long time AAA member Kent Pietsch at Antique Airfield in 2003 with his Interstate Cadet (NC37428), before it became known as the "Jelly Belly" Interstate(we've heard Kent even has a Jelly Belly flavor named after him?) Kent's airshow performances in the Interstate are very popular, including his RV landing as seen in the video below.

Erik Edgren's T-clips

Our own up & coming local airshow performer, APM Trustee Erik Edgren (A.K.A. Hobie Washburn), is a frequent visitor to Antique Airfield in his "Twistin' it Old School" T-clips.

Super Stearman N121R

U.S. Congressman (MO) Sam Graves regularly attends the AAA/APM Fly-ins. He's attended flying a variety of aircraft including this former Joe Hughes 650 hp Super Stearman (N121R). We recommend you take the time to watch Props, Pistons & Pilots featuring Joe Hughes, wing walker John Kazian & the Super Stearman: