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2013 Fly-In Family Photo Album

When looking back at photos from the fly-in it often seems like looking at a family photo album full of friends. Here's a selection of photos from the 2013 fly-in.

Many photographers have contributed photos from the fly-in, and all are available for viewing here. Here's a short preview:

Great seats for watching the arrivals. Photo by Audie Hollon

Caroline Sheen, from Air & Space magazine, presents AAA Founder/President Robert Taylor with a special gift during the AAA 60th Anniversary celebration on Friday evening. Photo by Bob Punch.

Who says young people aren’t interested in aviation? Photo by Don Parsons

Ben Cox & fiancé Anne-Marie, from Bristol, United Kingdom, attended in their DeHavilland DH-80A "Puss Moth" which is currently based in Spokane, WA. Photo by Gilles Auliard

Susie Pierson, Blakesburg Postmaster, swearing in the mail pilots before their departure flying USPS approved commemorative mail celebrating the AAA 60th Anniversary. Photo by Ron Price

Ben Lachendro with the mail bag in the Fleet, flown by Chris Price. Photo by Joy Lachendro

The "Pilot's Pub". Photo by Jeff Cain.

The Luscombe Row facing West. Photo by Kim Watkins.

The Luscombe Row facing East. Photo by Max Platts/Tom Charpentier

The Texas Chapter members at the Fly-in. Photo by Phil Cook.

A Cessna 195 can haul all the comforts of home. Photo by Richard Hawley.

Starry, starry night. Photo by Rob Bach.

Keep the Antiques Flying. Photo by Brent Taylor.

The Ladies Love Taildraggers meeting during the fly-in. Photo by Dave Schober.

Ed Lachendro (and Max Platts as well) take another passenger for a ride during the Cub Air Lift at the Fly-in. Photo by Dean Coryell.

Mike Araldi flies “Dawn Patrol” in his Waco AGC-8. Photo by Matt McVicker.

Our webmaster, Russell Williams, demonstrates how to hit the touch down line/mark. Photo by Paul Stevens.

The same Pietenpol Aircamper (flown by Rob Bach) that attended the very 1st AAA National Fly-in flies over the 60th annual event. Photo by Raymond Vullermin.

Follow me to Antique Airfield. Photo by Anne Woods.