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Cow Pastures to Commercial Airways:
T-Shirt Designs

The new Antique Airfield shirt began with an ad in the May 1928 issue of Popular Aviation magazine. While browsing through the newly donated magazine last winter, Bob Taylor found this great image of a barnstormer giving rides and waving to the crowd below. Starting with that image, APM artist Peggy Bates worked her magic and changed the ground scene into a pen & ink rendition of Antique Airfield. This excellent artwork will be on a basic white t-shirt.

Our 2012 Fly-In theme, "Cow Pastures To Commercial Airways", is the subject of the second new shirt. This shirt salutes the many brave pilots who began their careers barnstorming the country in war surplus Jennies and then pioneered the early years of commercial aviation in fabric covered passenger ships. Again, the shirt design began with vintage pen & ink drawings from period magazines. The basic shirt is "sand" or "antique white" in color.