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Award Winners for 2012

Grand Champion Awards

Antique Pre-1936
Grand Champion 1929 Laird LCRW300 NC4442 Walter Bowe, Sonoma CA
Sweepstakes 1929 Fleet 2 NC431K Stan Sweikar, Dameron, MD
Classic 1936-1941
Grand Champion 1939 Aeronca CA-65 NC23977 Wayne Podeweltz, Neillsville, WI
Sweepstakes 1939 Spartan 7W Executive NC17634 Jim Savage, Butler, PA
Warbirds 1941-1945
Grand Champion 1943 Fairchild PT-19 NC11CM Leslie Day, California
Sweepstakes 1942 Stearman A75 NC966CD Chuck Doyle, Webster, MN
Neo-Classic 1946-1956
Grand Champion 1949 Piper PA-18 NC5421H Tony Martinez, Kansas
Sweepstakes 1950 Piper PA-20 NC7429K Ed Hoit, Buckley, WA
Grand Champion 2003 Hatz Classic NX7WY J.D. Gleitz, Longmont, CO
Sweepstakes Bleriot   Eric Preston, Sonoma, CA

Chapter Choice Awards

Arizona Chapter Choice
1929 Laird Speedwing NC4442 Walt Bowe, Sonoma, CA
Colorado Chapter Choice
1946 Fairchild 24W NC81369 Michael Tindall, Webster City, IA
Iowa Chapter Choice
This aircraft originally based at nearby Ottumwa NAS
1943 Stearman N2S-5 N5539N Kent & Monte Orr, Grand Island, NE
Marginal Aviation Chapter
Presented for the successful forced landing in traffic on a highway near Knoxville, IA after an engine failure.
1930 Laird LC-1B300 NC10402 Larry Howard, Greenacres, WA
Nebraska Chapter Choice
1948 Luscombe 8A N2026B Robert Lee, Medford, WI
Nebraska Chapter Youngest Pilot Award
Lifetime AAA Membership sponsored by the Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, Texas and Oklahoma Chapters
1931 Aeronca C-3 NC11422 Hayden Newhouse (16), Rockford IL
Texas Chapter Choice
1939 Aeronca CA-65 NC23977 Wayne Podeweltz, Neillsville, WI
Wisconsin Chapter Choice
1950 Piper PA-20 N7429K Ed and Elsie Hoit, Buckley, WA

Type Club Awards

Fairchild Club, Open Cockpit
1935 Fairchild 22 NC12768 Steve Roth, Madison, VA
Fairchild Club, Closed Cockpit
1928 Fairchild FC2W2 N13934 Greg Herrick, Jackson, WY
Great Lakes Club
1930 Great Lakes 2T-1A NC647K Paul Fuller, Pendleton, IN
Parakeet Pilot's Club
1975 Rhinehart-Rose N14883 Charles "Skip" Gatschet, Weston, MO
Travel Air Club
1928 Travel Air 6000 NC9038 Hank Galpin, Kalispell, MT
Hatz Club
2000 CB-1 N24859 Jeff Moore, Pendleton, IN
International Pietenpol Association
1986 Aircamper N30PP Lorin Miller, Colo, IA
Corben Club
2005 Baby Ace N488N Steve McGuire, Ponca City, OK

Other Awards

Marion Dairy Queen Award for the Sweetest Plane
1935 Kinner Sportster NC14288 Robert McCorkle, Ridgefield, CT
Lyle Hoselton Memorial Award - Best Workmanship By Owner
1929 Command-Aire 5C-3 NC946E Bob and Bill Juranich, Kent, WA
Butler Brown - People's Choice
1929 Laird Speedwing NC4442 Walter Bowe, Sonoma CA
Butler Brown - Longest Distance in a Pre-1956 Aircraft
1938 Ryan SC-W NC18914 Russell Williams, Bellevue, WA
Joe Hecker Memorial - Longest Distance In A Howard
1942 Howard DGA-15P NC67433 Dennis Lyons, San Miguel, CA
Rearwin Family Memorial - Best Rearwin
1946 Commonwealth Skyranger N73801 Andrew J. Kisela, Tecumseh, MI
Brent L. Taylor Award, Best 2nd Generation Antique
2005 Corben Baby Ace N488N Steve McGuire, Ponca City, OK
Ken Love Award - Best Wright Powered Aircraft
1928 Travel Air 6000 NC9038 Hank Galpin, Kalispell, MT
Robert L. Taylor Best Aircraft Under 50hp
1931 Aeronca C-3 NC11422 Hayden Newhouse, Rockford IL
Rex Yoakam Memorial - APM Volunteer of the Year
Gary Hanson, Elko, MN
Third Generation Antiquer of the Year
Toby Hanson, Webster, MN
Lady Antiquer of the Year
Doris Gretz, Montezuma, IA
Antiquer of the Year
Russell Williams, Bellevue, WA