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Early Days of Antique Airfield

Since the theme of the 2011 year's fly-in is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Antique Airfield, Brent Taylor dug around in the archives and came up with some early days photos:

The oldest aerial view of Antique Airfield I have found. This picture appears to have been taken early in 1970. Picture is looking ENE. The E/W runway and hangar #1 are visible along with the remnants of the old county road running W from the driveway. That roadbed is what separates the property owned by the Taylor family (to the N of that road) from the APM's property (to the S of that road)

Another shot from 1970. This aerial view shows hangar #1 and several visiting aircraft. The occasion is most likely an Iowa AAA chapter meeting. Visible are a Luscombe, RLT's Porterfields, Harold Lossner's Meyers OTW, "Shorty" Kellow's Aeronca Chief and Orval Sherwood's Cessna 120.

Antique Airfield in the spring of 1971. Most likely this is a picture taken during the dedication of the APM in May of that year. Several interesting aircraft are on the ground including a Fairchild 24, three cabin Wacos, two Monocoupes, two Stearmans and a Meyers OTW. Note that the Bluegrass Rd. is gravel at this point.

Time for a couple of personality pics. This first one (from sometime in the early 70s) is of a well known pilot/writer/photographer.

Another well known pilot/author and his trusty stead, #17. Picture taken in 1971 I believe.