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Thank You to Fly-In Volunteers

Now that the AAA/APM Annual Fly-in has concluded and we evaluate our successes as well as look for ways to improve next years event, I need to take a moment to thank all those volunteers that help make this event possible.

Most fly-in visitors would likely be surprised at the small number of volunteers that make this event run so smoothly. Their efforts and dedication to the AAA, the APM and the fly-in here at Antique Airfield are what make this event enjoyable for all the rest of you. If you know any of these people, be certain to offer them some well-deserved credos for their help in making the AAA/APM Fly-in a success.

So though I will endeavor to list all those fine folks whom gave of their time and talents I apologize in advance for anyone whom I might forget or accidentally omit.

Brent Taylor, Fly-in Chairman
Mike Gretz, APM President

Flight Line (Aircraft Parking)

  • Aaron Klugherz
  • Bryan DeWitt
  • Kevin Chitwood
  • Shannon Frost
  • Nathan Frost
  • Tina Schmidt
  • John Verhoeven
  • Tony Verhoeven
  • David Bates
  • John Bates
  • Annie Bates
  • Shayln Applegate
  • Jewell Hardy
  • Warren Craig


  • Marcy Taylor
  • Linda Morgan
  • Jeannie Hill
  • Krista Tautges

Emergency Repairs

  • Steve Adkisson
  • Barry Taylor

Pilot's Pub

  • Mark, Teri & Tanner Lancaster
  • Nate Bell
  • Eric & Travis Fritz
  • Whitney Hahn
  • Luke Pieper
  • Ken Marth
  • Craig Shorten

APM Fly Market

  • Harman Dickerson
  • Don Miles
  • Don Grimm
  • Bob Edgington
  • Nick & Dianne Hildreth

Movies & Sound

  • Aaron Klugherz
  • Shannon Stanley
  • Steve & Debbie Black
  • Bryan DeWitt
  • Kevin Chitwood


  • Russell Williams (website)
  • Dan Kirkpatrick (RV parking)
  • Clint Swan (Golf Cart maintenace)
  • Don Forbes (Flight simulator)
  • Ottumwa Flying Service

Air Traffic Control (Flagmen)

  • Tom Gehman
  • Mark Robotti
  • Bob Grimm
  • Dallas Grimm
  • Toby Hanson
  • Steve Butler
  • David Lamb
  • Ben Taylor

Field Maintenance & Cleanup

  • Gary Hanson
  • Tim Verhoeven
  • Les Gaskill
  • Audie & Cora Hollon
  • Harve Applegate
  • Ron Hodges
  • Lyman Hatz
  • Wyat Hatz

Memorial Service

  • Carolyn Applegate
  • Justin Niemyjski
  • Cliff Hatz
  • Ottumwa VFW Post # 775
  • LuVerne Verhoeven
  • Doug Rozendaal
  • Marvin Haught
  • Spokane Stearman Group


  • Paul Berge
  • Mike Gretz
  • Steve & Debbie Black
  • Taryn Pemberton
  • Gary Van Farowe


  • Denny Whitson
  • Ottumwa VFW post # 775

APM Gift Shop & Ice Cream sales

  • Doris Gretz
  • Gloria Robotti
  • Les & Gloria Gaskill
  • "Snooks" Bouska

Emergency Services

  • Blakesburg Volunteer Fire Department

People Puller

  • Bud Playter
  • Jon Fineman