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Award Winners for 2010

Grand Champion Awards

Antique Pre-1936
Grand Champion Fairchild 71 NC9727 John Cournoyer, Creve Coeur, MO
Sweepstakes Curtiss Robin NC3277G David Mars, Jackson, MS
Classic 1936-1941
Grand Champion Rearwin Sportster NC16473 Jerry May, Kearney, NE
Sweepstakes Waco EGC-8 NC61KS Jim Clark, Chapman, KS
Warbirds 1941-1945
Grand Champion Stinson V-77 NC9187H Larry Boehme, Wakefield, KS
Sweepstakes Boeing PT-17 N5000V Randy Miller, Grand Junction, CO
Neo-Classic 1946-1956
Grand Champion Fairchild F24 NC81369 Mike Tindall, Webster City, IA
Sweepstakes Luscombe 8A N1168K Mark May, Watkins, CO
Grand Champion Marquart Charger NX2794Y Mark Gilmore, Muncie, IN
Sweepstakes Hatz Classic NX230RS Ron & Mercy Sieck, Grinnell, IA

Chapter Choice Awards

Arizona Chapter Choice
Fairchild 71 NC9727 John Cournoyer, Creve Coeur, MO
Iowa Chapter Choice
Waco YOC NC15244 Jeff Skiles, Oregon, WI
Wisconsin Chapter Choice
Taylorcraft BC-65 N24393 John Frisbe, Udall, KS
Texas Chapter Choice
Fairchild 24 C8A N957V Rudy Frasca, Urbana, IL

Type Club Awards

Fairchild Club, Open Cockpit
Fairchild 22 NC14768 Steve Roth, Culpepper, VA
Fairchild Club, Closed Cockpit
Fairchild 24J NC19177 Mark Lancaster, Ottumwa, IA
Great Lakes Club
Great Lakes 2T-1A N647K Paul Fuller, Pendleton, IN
Parakeet Club
  N4306 Larry Steenstry, Elkhorn, WI
Travel Air Club
Travel Air 4D NC689K Bruce McKehoe, Reedley, CA
Interstate Club
Interstate L-6 N2778Q David Beresford, Cary IL
Hatz Club
CB-1 N1279 Mark Lightsey, Riverside, CA
International Pietenpol Club Choice
Aircamper NX29NX Brad Williams, Burlington, WI
Culver Club Award
LCA Cadet N281W James Rezich, Winnebago, IL

Other Awards

Rearwin Family Award
Rearwin Sportster NC16473 Mike May, Axtell NE
Ken Love Award - Best Wright Powered Aircraft
Command Aire NC997E Bob Lock, Polk City FL
Lyle Hoselton Memorial Award - Best Workmanship By Owner
Command Aire NC997E Bob Lock, Polk City FL
Butler Brown - Youngest Pilot In Pre-1956 Aircraft
Piper PA-16 N5920H Pat Zakrzewski, Waterford WI
Butler Brown - People's Choice
Stearman N3976D David Bates, Faribault, MN
Robert L. Taylor Best Aircraft Under 50hp
Melfa Mouse N70MM Dave Coop, Albia IA
Brent L. Taylor Award, Best 2nd Generation Antique
Marquart Charger NX279Y Mark Gilmore, Muncie, IN
Joe Hecker Memorial - Longest Distance In A Howard
Howard DGA-15 N9125H Presley Melton, North Little Rock AR
Fairchilds Forever Best PT Series
Fairchild PT-26 N49462 John Mertesdorf, Nicollet, MN
Fairchilds Forever Best F-22
Fairchild F-22 NC14768 Steve Roth, Culpepper VA
Antiquer of the Year
Rex Yoakam, Hedrick IA
Lady Antiquer of the Year
Elaine Huf, Kingsley PA
Third Generation Antiquer
Matt Applegate, Queen City MO