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Award Winners for 2009

Grand Champion Awards

Antique Pre-1936
Grand Champion KR-31 Challenger NC11290 D.J. Short
Sweepstakes Laird LC-1-B NC10402 Larry Howard
Classic 1936-1941
Grand Champion Rearwin Cloudster NC4404W Ed & Geri McKeown
Sweepstakes Waco YQC NC16203 Jim Wheeler
Warbirds 1941-1945
Grand Champion Stearman N2S NC9923H Ted Miller
Sweepstakes Howard DGA-15 NC727ST Fred Lundeen
Neo-Classic 1946-1956
Grand Champion Cessna 195 N4403C Tim Lynn
Sweepstakes Luscombe 8E N1761K Cynthia Grant
Grand Champion Starduster II N2369 Don Bates
Sweepstakes Mr. Mulligan NR273Y Jim Younkin

Type Club Awards

Fairchild Club, Open Cockpit
KR-31 Challenger NC11290 D.J. Short
Fairchild Club, Closed Cockpit
Fairchild 24 NC28690 Ed Wegner
Great Lakes Club
Great Lakes 2T-1A N647K Paul Fuller
Parakeet Club
    Mike Schad
Travel Air Club
Travel Air 4D NC689K Bruce McKehoe
Interstate Club
Interstate Cadet N37323 Alan Reber
Hatz Club
  N448EM Don Miles
International Pietenpol Club Choice
  NX3979 Tom Brown
Culver Club Award
Goes to the Morris Family for their matched pair of Culver Cadets

Other Awards

Rearwin Family Award
Rearwin Cloudster NC4404W Ed & Geri McKeown
Ken Love Award
Laird LC-1-B NC10402 Larry Howard
Lyle Hoselton Memorial Award - Best Workmanship By Owner
KR-31 NC11290 D.J. Short
Butler Brown - Youngest Pilot In Pre-1956 Aircraft
Amy Gesch 19 years old Piper J-3 Cub
David Bates 21 years old 450 Stearman
Butler Brown - People's Choice
Twin Beech   Chuck Doyle
Robert L. Taylor Best Aircraft Under 50hp
Heath Parasol   Chris Price
Marion Dairy Queen "Sweetest Airplane" Award
Aeronca 7AC N85549 Clint Swan
Joe Hecker Memorial - Longest Distance In A Howard
Fred Lundeen   Olympia, Washington
Duane Wallace Award - Best Corporate Aircraft
Lockheed 12 NC2072 Joe Shepard