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BTB Days: Back-To-Blakesburg and Back-To-Basics: 2018 Fly-In

The 2018 Fly-In will be held August 29 to September 3, 2018, at Antique Airfield (IA27), located between Ottumwa and Albia, Iowa. The 2018 theme is BTB Days: Back-To-Blakesburg and Back-To-Basics.

If you've never been to the fly-in, here's a First Timer's Guide to the Blakesburg fly-in.

Rob Bach wrote an article about Blakesburg dreams in the depths of winter. Good to read on those cold rainy days: A Tale of Two Fly-Ins.

In addition, our Chapter and Regional Fly-ins occur across the country.

What is a Fly-In?

Greg Herrick's Fairchild FC-2 over Antique Airfield
Greg Herrick's Fairchild FC-2 over Antique Airfield

Don't bother looking in the dictionary. You won't find "Fly-in" there. Where you'll find "fly-in" is in the sun of a warm summer day, and in your heart.

A fly-in is a gathering of airplanes and pilots. It's not an airshow - that's for the spectators. A fly-in is about the airplanes, and the pilots who fly them. It's a chance to renew old acquaintances - with pilots - and airplanes - who are old friends.

A fly-in is a chance to step back in time and see the airplanes that carried the mail, barnstormed the midwest, won World War II, or pioneered the airline routes. A fly-in, is. When you go to a fly-in, you see those old friends that you've flown with, or traded outrageous flying stories with - or you meet that aviation legend you read about as a kid.

If you haven't, go to a fly-in. Breath a bit of the air that the barnstormers breathed, and experience the joy of wood covered with taut fabric. Experience new-old sights, and rediscover flying.

Ric Ryburn

Fly-Ins Past

National Fly-ins at Blakesburg: