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The APM Mooney Mite

One of the Airpower Museums newest acquisitions is this Mooney Mite, donated by Betty McComas.
Brent Taylor tells the story of it's transfer to Antique Airfield.

mite1b.jpg (31K)

The APM's latest donation Mooney Mite N329M.
This is the way she looked when rolled out of it's hangar at Torrance, CA upon my arrival. A very clean well cared for airplane.

Betty McComas who donated the Mite to the APM in memory of her late husband, Richard "Mac" McComas.

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The decision was made to haul the "Mac's Mite" to it's new home at Antique Airfield and with the help of local AAA member Larry Keitel the Mite was disassembled and packed in a rented U Haul. This also allowed for the hauling of a great many spare parts and Continental engines that came with the donation. Pictured is Larry as we were wrapping up loading of the Mite.

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The Mite in her temporary home ready for the trip to Iowa.

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South of Kingman, AZ we had to stop and let a summer Thunderstorm move on through before resuming our trip. That is the Mite's 27' one piece wing on top of the U Haul. Note the state map displayed on the U Haul, it's Iowa.

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"Mac's Mite" together once again and displayed at the National AAA-APM Fly-in over Labor Day weekend 2000. The Mite was parked in front of AAA-APM Headquarters along with a recently donated Aeronca Chief with the following plaque:

1950 Mooney M-18C "Mite", sn# 210, N329M. This airplane was donated to the APM through the generosity of Betty McComas and her daughter Nancie Stambaugh in memory of Richard McComas of Torrance, CA. Richard was known as "Mac" around the Torrance airport and "Mac's Mite" was his pride and joy.

The Mite is currently undergoing an extensive annual and we still have some work to accomplish to make it flyable. We plan to have the "Mite" take to the air again over Antique Airfield, and until then it is on display in the APM main museum hangar.