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Aging Aircraft Ad Hoc Committee Meets in Kansas City

Kansas City (Special to On December 2-3, 2003 the "Aging Aircraft Ad Hoc Committee" met to begin formulation of an advisory circular to document approved substitution of standard parts and materials in the maintenance and restoration of the aging general aviation fleet.

Representatives from the FAA, manufacturers (Twin Commander, Cessna and Raytheon) as well as several aviation organizations and type clubs (AOPA, AAA, EAA, American Bonanza Society and the Swift Foundation) were in attendance.

Building on the success that the committee had with it's industry document "Best Practices Guide for Maintaining Aging General Aviation Airplanes" the committee hopes to have a draft AC ready for FAA internal review early in 2004 with final approval and distribution in late 2004.

This AC should help provide owners and FAA alike with a common sense guide to help obtain approval for replacement parts and materials in the maintenance/restoration of aircraft thirty years old and older.

The Committee

L to R back of table:
        Brent Taylor of the AAA
        Charlie Nelson of the Swift Foundation
        Neil Pobanz, American Bonanza Society Representative
        Pierre Debruge, Twin Commander company representative
        Mark James of the FAA-Small Aircraft Diretorate
        Taylor Martin, also of the FAA-SAD

L to R front of table
        Earl Lawrence of the Experimental Aircraft Association
        Ashleigh Needham, with Raytheon Aircraft
        Terry Chasteen, FAA
        Mike Alquist, FAA-MKC-AEG
        Barry Ballenger, FAA-SAD
        Penny Keeton, FAA-SAD
        Marv Nuss, FAA-SAD

Not pictured
        Charles Pate of Cessna
        Daryl Lenz, EAA
        Bob Hackman of the AOPA

Picture by Charles Pate