On May 17th Larry Tobin's Stearman C3B tooks its first flight since restoration. Larry's Stearman will be a featured part of this year's Air Mail Days National Fly-in at Blakesburg.

Addison Pemberton wrote in with this flight report:

For the 1st time in 70 years the NC3440 call sign was used to launch SN 104 sky ward. The airplane fly's like a dream with wonderful harmonized controls and pleasant stick forces. Ground roll is less than 10 seconds with a spirited 1100 FPM climb. The stability and ground handling of this great airplane are truly excellent. Larry Tobin and my son Ryan have done a notable job of restoration on this historic treasure. This is one of the most pleasant biplanes I have ever flown!!! Lloyd Stearman really had this figured out. During the test hop my boys flying chase commented that the airplane appeared to be suspended by strings against the blue sky.

The fix list sheet is virtually blank with a little increase in the prop pitch needed down the road to add an other easy 10 mph to the cruise speeds. Note the grin in st6 with Larry skimming over local grass fields which really shows the stunning "Mamer Air Transport" livery.

Look for the airplane at Blakesburg Iowa, Brodhead and Galesburg this summer. Larry will then join Ben Scott and me on the Trans con run form NY-SF if our credit cards hold out with soon to be $6 + gal fuel.