Thanks to the generosity of A. K. Young, Sandia Texas, the APM is the recipient of a Republic RC-3 "SeaBee" N6019K serial number 189.

The aircraft is in very good condition needing only a prop overhaul and annual inspection to be returned to airworthy condition. The aircraft is very original with the only modifications being wing tip extensions, wide spray rails and modern brakes. Still powered with the original Franklin 6A8-B8F engine of 215 hp, this donation comes with a spare engine as well as a multitude of spare parts.

The Republic RC-3 "SeaBee" was designed by P.H. Spencer and began production in Nov 1945. Production ended two years later in Oct of 1947 with a total production run of 1060 aircraft. Currently there are 449 "SeaBee's" on aircraft registries around the world including the US, Canada, France, England, Sweden & Australia. For more information about the "SeaBee" please check out the International Republic SeaBee Owner's Club website at

This particular "SeaBee" has the distinction of being the first of its type to land at Antique Airfield. A. K. Young brought N6019K to the AAA/APM Annual Fly-in in 2004.

Currently N6019K is hangared at the airport in Charles City, IA. One truck load of spare parts has already been delivered to the APM and another trip is planned in the near future to retrieve the spare engine, wings and other parts. We plan to remove the propeller currently on the aircraft for overhaul and would like to encourage financial donations to help defray the costs of this expensive overhaul.

We hope and plan to be able to fly the "SeaBee" to it's new home within the next month or so and we will have it on display during the AAA/APM Fly-in (Aug. 27th - Sep 1st) for all to view.

"Thanks" once again to A. K. Young for his generosity and also to Charles City, IA FBO Bill Kyle for his help in seeing that "SeaBee" N6019K has a new home at the APM.

Brent Taylor