Addison Pemberton, a Waco newbie, recently acquired a Waco EQC-6 project and ferried it back to Spokane:

The ferry flight form Minneapolis Anoka to Spokane Felts field went with out a hitch sans a 30 hour weather delay in Hettinger N Dakota (a wonderful place to get stuck by the way with a great FBO). Thanks to the wonderful help and support of Forrest Lovley the airplane was made ready for the epic flight to Spokane. This treasure is one of Waco's finniest with wonderful performance and comfort. Marc Lange my dear friend and I winged our way west for 10.1 blissful hours to a safe arrival last Friday eve. At 24" and 1900 RPM the R760 E2 350 HP Wright pulled us thought the air at 145 MPH with butter smooth comfort. The airplane has wonderful wind tolerance as displayed in our south and north Dakota landings with gusts to 38 kts.

The airplane has delightful control harmony and stability and is a joy to fly cross country.

The aircraft will now be stored in preparation for restoration to begin next winter. We are fortunate to have a nearly fresh 60 SMOH E2 to compliment the airframe work to be done. We intend to bring this treasure back to its full glory in a few years and eventfully put it on straight floats and operate it from the Spokane river near our hanger along with out Super cub and my sons Helio.