Brad Poling wrote in about a Stinson Model O replica project:

We are now underway with building a full size replica of the Stinson Model "O". Thirteen Model O's were built during the '30s, and to the best of our knowledge none are known to be in existence today. Plans do not exist, so we are developing our own using photos, and a set of 1/4 scale R.C. model plans.

Photo from Juptner

Much of the Original Model "O" was developed using components from the Stinson SR-5. We are following the same path. We have acquired a Stinson SR-5, and are now in the proscess of converting the components into Model "O" parts.

The basic SR-5 fuselage truss will not be used in our project. It is in good condition, and is up for sale at this time. Many other components and parts are also available. If you are interested, contact us.

We continue to be in search of pictures, and drawings of the "O". Most needed are interior cockpit photos. We, of course would love to hear from anyone who has flown or been associated with her in an any way. The "O" was last known to be in the Los Angeles area in the late "40"s. Twelve of the "O"s went overseas, and no trace has been found of them.