Gerald Farell wrote to say that he's identified the mystery aircraft photo previously posted here:

Engineer William Waterhouse (from Ryan Aircraft) designed this aircraft to the specifications of the Mexican Air Force. The aircraft was built in Mexico on 1928 by "Compañía Aérea de Construcción y Transportes", also known as "Tijuana Aircraft Co." and named it the "Baja California No. 1" (BC-1).

On 3/8/1928 Luis Farell took off from the Tijuana factory enroute to Mexico City. The temporarly-fitted 185hp BMW IIIa engine quit between Hermosillo and Navajoa, and Farell crash-landed on mountainous terrain. He was uninjured but the BC-1 was destroyed. The BC-2 was fitted with a 220 hp radial Wright J-5C Whirlwind and was flown by Roberto Fierro in a very famous journey across Central and South America.