We have begun a more in-depth look/review of AC 43.13-2B and find at present it is not as wide spread in scope as first thought. It is however a definite step in the right direction and being an Advisory Circular it will be easier to amend or add to than an FAR.

At present with exception of Chapter 1 (which I will comment on later in this update) the scope of this document covers a limited number of alterations. The list of alterations covered in this AC include the following;

  1. Communication, Navigation and Emergency Locator Transmitter System Installations
  2. Antenna Installation
  3. Anticollision and supplementary light Installation
  4. Ski Installation
  5. Oxygen System Installations in Non-Pressurized Aircraft
  6. Rotorcraft External-Load-Device Installations, Cargo Slings and External Racks
  7. Glider and Banner Tow-Hitch Installations
  8. Shoulder Harness Installations
  9. Aircraft Battery Installations
  10. Adding or Relocating Instruments
  11. Cargo Tiedown Device Installations

As for Chapter 1, Structural Data, more study is required and will be on going but paragraphs #106 (Materials and Workmanship), #107 (Material Strength, Properties & Design Values), #108 (Fasteners) hold possibilities of being able to use this AC in at least airframe alterations other than what is listed above. At least to some degree but more study is required.

This AC does not appear to provide for alterations in the area of powerplants installation or accessories at this point. Still all in all this is a very positive step on the part of the FAA to recognize that similar alterations in similar type aircraft do not and should not require repetitive and redundant reviews for approval.

Brent Taylor