"Thanks" to AAA lifetime member and APM Board member, Mike Lossner, we have just learned of a major change to FAA Advisory Circular AC 43.13. The latest version, AC 43.13-2B dated 3/3/08, contains the following wording under 1. Purpose (emphasis added):

"This AC is for use by mechanics, repair stations, and other certificated entities. This data generally pertains to minor alterations; however, the alteration data herein may be used as approved data for major alterations when the AC chapter, page, and paragraph are listed in block 8 of FAA Form 337 when the user has determined that it is;
  • Appropriate to the product being altered
  • Directly applicable to the alteration being made, and
  • Not contrary to manufacturer's data."

You read that correct. It now appears that the latest version of AC 43.13 can be used not just as a basis for FAA data approval for major repairs but for alterations as well.

We will be studying AC 43.13-2B in greater depth in the next several days but we believe that this change to this document is a step forward by the FAA in helping all antique airplane enthusiasts to "Keep the Antiques Flying"

Brent Taylor