David Baumbach sent in some photos of his newly acquired Boeing P12 project. David says:

David Baumbach's Boeing P12 Project

We purchased it from an aircraft broker, It was built by the late Tom Crowder in Santa Paula CA . I believe he started building it in the late seventies and finished it in 1985. It has a lot of original parts on it, and has original 1340 Pratt 550 HP and Hamilton standard ground adjustable prop but is registered experimental. It spent most of its recent life in the hanger but was dragged out and used in the film The Aviator. That’s about all I know about its history. We have been checking it over and believe it will be airworthy and hope to fly it. The P12 are slow but have a very strong rate of climb, and are very strong.

P12 on trailer

P12 Wings