“War is Hell”, and the long sought peace accord between the various factions in the “Boar Wars” once again shows every sign of falling apart, signalling a return to our arduous and continuing aerial conflict.

Sensing early this year that a high altitude, long range strategic bomber was needed to help deter our enemies and secure the peace, “Col. Sparky” contracted with well known arms supplier Ten Air (or was it Tin Ear) to procure just such a machine, one capable of carrying greater loads over longer distances and at a greater altitude.

Shown here inspecting the yet to fly prototype W.A.C.O. (Way Above Carrying Ordinance) Strategic Bomber, are Col. Jeff “the Mechanic” Claypool & Col. “Sparky” himself.

But as we have yet to test and go into production with this awesome weapon, one that will certainly strike fear into the hearts of our enemies, we will continue to operate our smaller counter insurgency style aircraft, in an effort to keep control of the skies in and around Antique Airfield. So be here notified, all OPLAF (Orange Peace Liberation Air Force) personnel will report for active duty as part of preparations for the coming offensive....code name;

"High Planes Pumpkins"

AKA "Annual Pumpkin Drop"
Saturday November 4th, at Antique Airfield.

That’s correct, you read it here first, Col. “Sparky” has a plan!! But as no one knows for sure what that plan may be, all OPLAF members need report to Antique Airfield on Nov 4th, and find out. Of course and as usual, with the help and expertise of our ordinance officer, Col. Luke “Smoker” Pieper, we hope to have plenty of ammo on hand.

So please join with us this year for operation “High Planes Pumpkins” and help keep the skies free, clean and smelling sweet!

Once you have read and memorized these orders destroy them to keep them from falling into the enemies hands; PETV (People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables), the FAA, TSA, EPA, EIEIO!

0900 hrs. (9am) - 1200 hrs. (noon) Coffee's on at the "Ground Loop Inn". We will watch and grade all arrivals (by air) and recommend whether flight crews should get more training/practice before the mission.

1200 hrs. (noon) Marchell’s Bistro’s (Marcy Taylor) famous Chili lunch served at the "Ground Loop Inn" Note; if you would like to bring a dish to help with lunch please contact the CO's wife (Marcy Taylor) at 641-814-3359. This year as in the past, donations from lunch will go towards further progress on the APM Roof fund. Though we’ve made great progress, we still have one roof on APM hangars to go, and all donations, no matter how small or large, help!

1230 hrs. (you know 12:30 pm) CO Col. “JD “ Taylor, will give the pilot/bombardier briefing. Please Note: This year we will operate in flights of 4-5 aircraft at a time. Due to these operational changes, all pilots/crews planning to participate will need to be in attendance at said briefing.

1300 hrs (1pm) - ??? The bombing range will be open (RV area at S. end of airport). Bombing will continue until ammo is depleted, everyone gets bored, the weather goes bad or darkness falls. Note: This year as in years past a marked spectator area will be on the east side of the runway only, near the ammo dump.

1730 hrs. (5:30pm) Officer's mess (Ground Loop Inn) open to all personnel, recruits, wives and dates for the evening meal, catered by Marchell’s Bistro. If not before, at that time we will award the major traveling trophy along with the wearable recognition to the bomb crew that came closest to, or hit their target. Note: if you would like to help prepare something tasty for this meal contact Marcy at 641-814-3359.

1830 hrs. (6:30pm) - ??? Extensive mission debriefing, campfire and whiskey tasting at the CO's home (that would be Brent & Marcy's). Though not expected, OPLAF members wishing to show their “good taste” are always welcome to bring & share fine wines, tasty lagers, good whiskeys, cheeses, canapes & snacks to this soiree. Note: We will have soda, water, hot chocolate, coffee/tea available for those that prefer. If weather conditions are not conducive for outdoor activities, all activities will be held in the OPLAF Officer's Club (aka the "Broken Prop Pub" in Brent & Marcy's basement).

Please Note: The APM will be open throughout the day and the APM Gift Shop will be open, in case you forgot/need to pick up a past Fly-in T-shirt, AAA/APM sweatshirt, Christmas gift etc.

Also since this is a field operation, facilities will be at a minimum (the shower houses have been winterized and aircraft fuel is not available on the field) Please plan your accommodations accordingly and avgas is available at nearby Ottumwa, Oskaloosa or a little further afield, Pella & Centerville airports.


"Good Luck, God Speed, May the Force be with You & Liberty and Justice for All"

Col. Brent "JD" Taylor

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