Outstanding was the group of volunteers that showed up Sat (Aug 19th), as well as the work accomplished, to help prepare Antique Airfield for the upcoming AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in (Aug 30th - Sep 4th).

Here’s a list of what was worked on/accomplished:

  • The cleaning and re-arrangement of the Bunkhouse.
  • Cleaning and organizing (with more to do) of the APM Fly-Market
  • Electrical work & upgrades in both the APM Restoration Center & the Ground Loop Inn (for the Coffee House)
  • More work on the displays for the 6th Air Force room in Powell Hall.
  • Cleaning and stocking the APM Gift Shop.
  • Work on the North shower house.
  • Cleaning & painting the floor in the 24th Fighter Sqd. Mess Hall.
  • Painting the cowling for the APM’s pre-war Aeronca Chief.
  • Further upgrades to the wi-fi & Internet service.
  • Plus various other projects.

Thanks to the following for coming from MN, MO & IA to help: Mark Lancaster, Luke Pieper, Jeff Claypool, Dan Quinn, Doris Gretz, Holly Vanorny, Jessica Fuller, Mark Flounders, Harve Applegate, Aaron Klugherz, Rick Gritters, Les Gaskill, Mark Robotti, Bill Sheperd, Marcy, Ben, Brent & Robert Taylor, plus a special appearance by Ken Marth!

This Saturday, August 26th and 27th will of course be the annual mowing party, so plan on bringing your tractors, riders, mowers, weed eaters and other implements of destruction to help have Antique Airfield looking it’s best for the Fly-in. If you can come help for a few hours or all day please let us know!

Bill, Mark L, Mark R and Luke working on sorting, and storing electrical supplies for future use.

Les (aka “Sparky”) working on an electrical upgrade for the Dave Warren Coffee House.


Marcy, Jessica & Doris work on getting the APM Gift Shop ready.

Holly & Aaron painting the floor in the 24th Fighter Sqd. Mess Hall.

Dan & Ben working on cleaning/organizing the APM Fly-Market.

Rick trying to hide.

Mark L spent the afternoon getting the new cowling (built by Rick Gritters) painted and ready to re-install. Here’s the lower cowl...

And here’s the nose bowl.