Another GREAT group of volunteers showed up throughout last week to help prepare Antique Airfield for the upcoming AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in (Aug 30th - Sep 4th).

Much was accomplished and the list includes:

  • New insulation and door seals installed on the APM Restoration Center hangar door.
  • The cleaning and arrangement of the APM Restoration Center.
  • Moving & installation of the shop equipment & tools in the APM Restoration Center.
  • Finish repainting of the “Keep the antiques flying” sign.
  • Completing the 6th AF room in Powell Hall.
  • Cleaning and organizing the APM Gift Shop.
  • Cleaning the main museum annex.
  • Work on both the N and S shower houses.
  • Cleaning & organizing the Mike Gretz Library of Flight.
  • Moving, arranging and evaluation of the Adkisson Hangar project.
  • Plus various other projects

Thanks to the following for coming from MI, MN, MO, IL & IA to help: Tim Verhoeven, Eric Fritz, Ken Marth, Mark Lancaster, Luke Pieper, Kim & Samantha Claypool, Dan & LuAnn Quinn, Holly Vanorny, Bill & Ryan Weyers, Mark Flounders, Harve Applegate, Steve Adkisson, Gary Van Farowe, Bob Tejchma, Steve Black & grandson Fletcher Marcy, Ben, Brent, Robert & Barry Taylor, plus a special appearance by Les Gaskill!

We'll be holding another work day next Sat, Aug 19th. If you can come help for a few hours or all day please let us know!

Earlier in the week, Steve Adkisson, Gary Van Farowe, Bob Tejchma & Ben Taylor tackled putting new insulation & door seals on the APM Restoration Center hangar door. This necessitated removing all the door skins, cutting, fitting & installing the insulation, followed by re-installing the door skins.

It took one day to do the top half of the door.....

....And another day to do the bottom half.

The APM’s Great Lakes & Corben Baby Ace parked in the early morning sun on Saturday, as work was getting under way in the Restoration Center.

First order of business, install the new air compressor.

Then to Hangar 1 to move the APM’s, shear, brakes, roller & lathe. Here Dan and Luke make ready to move the lathe.

Deciding where to place everything in the Restoration Center shop.

Another load of tools & equipment heads to the Restoration Center. Besides the APM's equipment, Aaron Klugherz, Brent & Ben Taylor have put much of their personal equipment and tools on loan to the Restoration Center.

The Adkisson Hangar was sorted, moved and stacked to evaluate, in preparation for the future re-assembly of that structure.

Kim & Sam Claypool (along with a friend of Sam’s) completed the re-painting of the "Keep the antiques flying" sign. It looks great!

Sweeping, followed by a power washing, and the Restoration Center is ready to be transformed into the “Runway Cinema” during the upcoming AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in.

The Restoration Center hangar door with new insulation and new seals all completed.

There is a bit more equipment to move in, and we need to do some more arranging, but the shop portion of the Restoration Center is beginning to look like....well, a shop!