A “GREAT” group of volunteers showed up on Sat Aug 5th to help prepare Antique Airfield for the upcoming AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in (Aug 30th - Sep 4th).

Many projects were worked on including; repairs to the N showerhouse, more expansion of the field wi-fi system, trimming all the fence lines, painting the "Keep the antiques flying" sign, running electrical service to the new 6th AF room in Powell Hall, getting the cowling ready to paint on the APM's pre-war Aeronca Chief, and assembling the APM's Great Lakes in order to get it ready to display, among other projects.

Thanks to the following for coming from as far away as Minnesota & Northern Iowa to help: Tim & LuVerne Verhoeven, Eric Fritz, Ken Marth, Mark Lancaster, Luke Pieper, Jeff, Kim & Samantha Claypool, Rick Gritters, Aaron Klugherz, George Winheim, Scott Burbank, Dan Quinn, Holly Vanorny, Jessica Fuller, Marcy, Ben, Brent & Robert Taylor, plus a special appearance by Nick Hildreth!

We'll be holding another work day next Sat, Aug 12th. If you can come help for a few hours or all day please let us know!

Getting the scaffolding (courtesy of Danny Glenn) moved into positions so..

....Kim & Sam Claypool can continue making progress on the "Keep the antiques flying" sign.

Eric Fritz & Ken Marth trimmed all the fence lines on the field

Aaron Klugherz working on the wi-fi expansion project.

Jeff Claypool & Mark Lancaster remove the new cowling (built by Rick Gritters) from the APM's pre-war Aeronca Chief, in preparation to painting same.

Rick Gritters working in the new 6th AF room in Powell Hall.

Lunch time!

Rick Gritter’s Stinson 108 from Pella, IA and Scott Burbank’s Piper Pacer from Ft Dodge, IA

George Winheim’s Miller C from Keosaqua, IA

Jeff Claypool, George Winheim, Ben Taylor, Dan Quinn & Scott Burbam begin assembling the APM's Great Lakes. This former Rod Jocelyn, Frank Price, Mel Baron airplane has quite the history!

Installing the last wing.

Time to install the tail surfaces.

The airplane still needs cleaned, the windshield repaired and some other misc. work done, but it is almost ready for display.