Though the day started out less than ideal weather wise, we still had a good bunch of volunteers turn out last Saturday to help with more Fly-in preparations.

The main museum annex and hangar, along with the 24th Fighter Sqd Mess Hall and the Ground Loop Inn were the center of cleaning efforts and much was accomplished.

Powell Hall in the main museum annex now has all the displays moved back in and arranged due to the efforts of RLT. He was helped out greatly by Dan Quinn and Mark Flounders,

Mark & Lu Quinn also spent a great deal of time cleaning the displays in the rest of the annex.

Meanwhile the main museum hangar came in for a major cleaning due to the mess left from the installation of the new roof. Some displays were rearranged, all but four aircraft were given a bath (those four will get cleaned when the hangar is cleaned out for the vendors next week) and most of the floor was power wash/cleaned. Dakota Quinn, Jeff Claypool, Rick Gritters, Steve Black, Mark Robotti and Brent Taylor handled that project.

Over in the 24th Fighter Sqd Mess Hall, Aaron Klugherz & Ben Taylor were busy stripping the floor and prepping it for a new paint job.

Les "Sparky" Gaskill was seen attending to several electrical projects while Melody Esch & Jessica Fryer cleaned and set up the Ground Loop Inn in AAA HQ. They also helped Marcy Taylor with food preparations during the day and evening. This weekend is the annual "Mowing Party" to prepare Antique Airfield for the Fly-in.

(Steve Black photos)