Always considered the “season opener” for the owners, pilots and lovers of antique & classic aircraft, the Cactus Fly-in begins in two weeks.

This, the 58th Annual Cactus Fly-in, is hosted by the Classic Aviation Association of Arizona (CAAA) (one of our AAA chapters) & will be held, as it has been for decades, at Casa Grande, AZ.

Along with lots of sunshine, warm temps and a plethora of antique/classic aircraft, the keynote speaker Saturday night will be Ann Pellegreno. Ann was the first to fly a Lockheed 10 Electra around the world (1967) on the Earhart Trail, and she dropped a wreath on Howland Island in memory of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. She is also author of several books including World Flight and Iowa Takes To the Air, Vol. 1-3.

Always a bellwether for what to expect the rest of the year at fly-ins across the country, we hope to see many of our AAA members and their airplanes from throughout the US in attendance.

See you there!

Brent Taylor
President AAA