By now most are aware long time President of the Air Power Museum Inc. (APM) Mike Gretz has "Gone West" after a short illness.

If you have visited Antique Airfield or attended the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in over the last two decades, you have no doubt seen and benefitted from the vision, planning and efforts of Mike, his wife Doris and many of his family members.

AAA/APM Founder Robert Taylor and APM President Mike Gretz deep in discussion in the "APM Library of Flight"

For but a few examples:

Mike was instrumental in the planning, fundraising and construction of the APM Restoration Center.

His vision and knowledge of aviation history helped in the decision and planning of the themes and featured aircraft at every AAA/APM Fly-in since 2002.

He took charge of making certain the APM side of the AAA/APM Fly-in operated, was staffed (by volunteers) and ran smoothly. Those efforts included designing the Fly-in T-shirts, taking care of the Fly-in vendors, helping plan and coordinate the nightly movies at the Runway Cinema, scheduled and coordinated various Type club and AAA Chapter meetings in APM facilities, and along with his wife Doris, stocked and operated the APM Gift Shop among many, many other efforts.

Mike along with APM Secretary Steve Black originally proposed and helped coordinate the highly successful 2015 APM Capital Campaign Fund via GoFundMe.

But perhaps most notable was his dedication to the APM "Library of Flight". Mike was instrumental and untiring in his efforts to improve the Library, helping make it known nationally as one of the premiere facilities/repositories for aviation history and research.

The "APM Library of Flight"

Therefore, the APM Board of Directors are pleased to announce the APM "Library of Flight" is to be re-named the "Mike Gretz Library of Flight".

We plan to re-dedicate the library during the 2016 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in with the intent to continue Mike's work and efforts as a legacy to his name and memory.

Brent Taylor
Treasurer APM

Steve Black
Secretary APM