With just a week to go until the start of the AAA/APM invitational Fly-in a lot of work is happening around Antique Airfield. The work is not only to get the field ready for the Fly-in but also to continue on the major infrastructure projects via the 2015 APM Capital Improvement Fund.

In relation to those projects much has been accomplished yet much remains to be done. For example, the re-graveling of the roads/driveways here at Antique Airfield continues and while we hope to be completely done by the start of the Fly-in it will be close !! Already some $4K+ has been spent on this project alone. Several of the high visibility projects have been finished “THANKS” to the hard work of a very dedicated and hard working group of volunteers. Those projects include;

  1. The new hangar doors on the APM Main Museum hangar which are now complete and fully operational.
  2. New roof on the APM Annex.
  3. All new sheet metal on the façade of the APM Main Museum Hangar
  4. The exterior wall of Powell Hall rebuilt and new steel installed.

While these major projects and several other smaller projects have been finished, much remains to do via the 2015 APM Capital Improvement Funds. Included are electrical, insulation and finishing the interior of Powell Hall, installation of systems (electrical, pneumatic, plumbing and heat) in the APM Restoration Center, new windows for the APM Gift Shop and more.

It’s obvious that with the AAA/APM Fly-in just ten days away, most of the above “to do” projects will have to wait until after the Fly-in, though we hope to get the new windows installed in the APM Gift Shop by the Fly-in. However, plans are being formulated as to making further progress this fall/winter.

We look forward to all our Fly-in attendees seeing firsthand what has been accomplished in improving the looks of the APM and moving it forward.

We also want to “Thank” the following for coming and helping out this weekend (my humblest apologies if I missed anyone);

  • Dan, Dakota & Lu Quinn
  • Mike Criswell
  • Ken Marth
  • Luke Pieper
  • Mark & Teri Lancaster
  • Eric & Jane Fritz
  • Rick Gritters
  • Jessica Fuller
  • Holly Vanorny
  • Harve Applegate
  • Aaron Klugherz
  • John Lossner
  • Travis Gregory
  • Mike & Doris Gretz
  • Marcy Taylor
  • Ben Taylor

Brent Taylor

Luke, Mike & Ken start on the task of installing a new exterior wall on the Powell Hall portion of the APM Annex.

Dakota doing what he loves best...running machinery!


Kinda looks like a summer camp project ?? Aaron Klugherz brought down his portable CNC machine and the new signs for the rebuilt Flightline Gate #1 were engraved. Here Harve, Ben, Aaron & John apply some paint to the sign.

RLT checking on the progress of the project at Powell Hall.

Almost done!

After sanding the new signs are ready for finish and installation.