It was a busy weekend once again at Antique Airfield. Besides a big crew of volunteers on hand to move forward on several projects and Fly-in preparations, we were honored to show Commander (Ret.) Kirk Lippold around Antique Airfield and the APM.

For those that may not recognize the name, Kirk Lippold was the Commanding Officer of the USS Cole (DDG-67) on October 12, 2000 when the ship was attacked and bombed by Al-Qaeda terrorists during a refueling stop in the Yemen. Kirk is a recent private pilot and was in the Ottumwa area to speak at a benefit for the "Wounded Warrior Project".

We enjoyed his visit and look forward to seeing him fly into Antique Airfield in the future.

Also this weekend, the ABATE motorcycle group (Chapters 12, 15, 18 & 24) held their annual picnic at Antique Airfield, with lots of interesting motorcycles to look at!

But back to the work weekend. Much was accomplished this weekend with work being done on the Pilot's Pub, the APM Gift Shop, finish work on the new APM hangar doors, painting the porch of the "Library of Flight" and spreading a lot of the recently donated mulch around the 24th Fighter Sqd Mess Hall, the Pub, the Fly-Market, etc.

"Thanks" to the following folks for coming out and helping: Ken Marth, Luke Pieper, Rick Gritters, Jesse Fuller, Mark & Teri Lancaster, John Tiffany, Gary Lust, Ron Hodges & friend, Mike Gretz, Dan Quinn, Charles Van Noorde, Marcy & Ben Taylor.

We'll be hosting another work day/weekend on Saturday August 22nd. If you can come and help out please let us know!

Ken, Ben & Rick spreading some of the 100yds of mulch donated by B&B Bedding of Oskaloosa, IA. The mulch is being spread in low and bare spots about Antique Airfield to help keep things drier in case of rain this year.

The final projects in connection with the news doors on the APM Main Museum hangar included installing a drain tile and the center hold down pins for the doors themselves. Here the "Georgia Back Hoe" crew takes a water break!

The new drain tile being laid while Marcy, Teri & Cooper supervise!

Finishing up the drain tile project, now it's on to the door pins. All was accomplished before the end of the day "Thanks" to a lot of hard work by a dedicated crew of volunteers.