The last week has seen an amazing amount of progress in connection with infrastructure projects and preparations for the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in now just a few weeks away

While projects like re-graveling all the roads/driveways around the field, trimming trees, landscaping etc. continue, some major projects were accomplished this week past.

In that week, the new roof was finished over the APM annex, new hangar doors were built and installed on the APM Main Museum hangar, the gable end of the APM Main Museum hangar received a face lift of all new metal sheeting, the exterior rebuild of the 24th Fighter Sqd Mess Hall was completed and some progress was made to the replacement of the N wall of Powell Hall and more.

All the above was accomplished due to a group of dedicated and extremely hard working volunteers who put in 10-12 hours a day for six days to get these projects done. These folks came from IA, IL, MI and MN.

When you see or meet the following folks at the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in be sure and “Thank” them for their dedication and efforts to make Antique Airfield & the APM a better place;

Steve Adkisson Gary Van Farowe Ken Marth
Bob Tejchma Dan & Dakota Quinn Luke Pieper
Tim & Luverne Verhoeven Ben Taylor Marcy Taylor
Holly Taylor Rick Gritters Les Gaskill
Nick Hildreth    

With the Fly-in but a month away, much remains to be done. We welcome any who would like to come spend a few hours or a few days to help move some of the unfinished infrastructure projects and/or Fly-in preparations toward completion/readiness. We will host work days each Sat/Sun from now until the Fly-in. The dates for those work days will be Aug 15th & 16th, Aug 22nd & 23rd and Aug 29th & 30th. August 29th will be the annual “Mowing Party” so bring your tractors, weed eaters, chain saws, shovels, rakes and other implements of destruction and help us have Antique Airfield looking its best for the Fly-in

Finally "Thanks " too all those who contributed to the 2015 APM Capital Improvement Fund. You help make these projects possible!

Brent Taylor

Monday Aug 3rd. And so it begins!! APM Director Steve Adkisson, AAA lifetime members Ken Marth, Dan & Dakota Quinn along with Ben Taylor have started work on replacement of the APM main museum hangar doors

Tuesday Aug 4th Steve Adkisson, Ken Marth, Dan & Dakota Quinn installed the new headers and door tracks for the APM main museum hangar as well as began construction on the new hangar doors.

Meanwhile Ben Taylor, along with help from Dakota Quinn finished construction of the new porch on the 24th Fighter Sqd. Mess Hall.

Wednesday Aug 5th Steve Adkisson, Ken Marth, Dan & Dakota Quinn & Ben Taylor framed up two of the three new hangar doors by end of the day. Door skins were installed on two of the doors as metal for the frame of the third door was being cut.

Thursday Aug 6th Gary Van Farowe & Bob Tejchma were back from MI to finish the re-roofing project on the APM annex and along with Steve Adkisson, Ken Marth, Dan & Dakota Quinn & Ben Taylor, made for quite a crew.

Even RLT's daughter Holly Taylor was up from the St.Louis area to help with some of the landscaping projects around the field.

Friday Aug 7th Steve, Ken, Dan & Ben dropped the old hangar doors off the APM main museum hangar, then installed new headers and new door track. The new hangar doors were rolled shut by the end of the day!

Saturday Aug 8th Along with continued progress on the getting the new hangar doors functioning, work to complete the installation of new metal on the gable end of the building was accomplished by Luke Pieper & Tim Verhoeven.

Plus Gary Van Farowe and Bob Tejchma finished the re-roofing of APM annex, a major undertaking!

Meanwhile Luverne Verhoeven was busy painting the 24th Fighter Sqd. Mess Hall as well as the porch/railing at the “Library of Flight”, while a crew worked on cleaning and prepping the Fly-Market for the Fly-in.