Michael Araldi of Greenswamp, FL sent photos on his latest airplane project which he's finishing up, a Bucker Jungmann. Michael's story is:

It's a 1950 Casa built Bucker Jungman that I bought out of Georgia. Don't know much about its history. It was converted into a hot rod with a IO 360 by Van White from Lubbock, Texas in July 1991. It's the first Airplane I've ever bought sight unseen. It came to me highly recommended and had a day old annual from a prominent shop in Atlanta. How bad could it be.....right ??

Unfortunately ideas of airworthy differ....lol. Big lesson learned!! When the plane showed up, I almost died. No worries, I'm a big boy and took my medicine. Flew it a couple of times and tore it down. Engine was toast, the attached pictures speak for the airframe. When I cut the fabric off of the wings, pieces literally fell on the ground ! I had just finished rebuilding the Waco and my Great Lakes and the last thing I wanted to do was rebuild the Bucker.

Well just about 2 years later, a brand new set of Joe Krybus wings and ailerons, a new Trig radio and Transponder and a Dynon EFIS, the Bucker and I are friends again!! At the end of the day my OCD would never have allowed me any rest until the Bucker was "new" again anyway. No harm, No foul!! All is well here at the Swamp. The Clipwing is a hoot, Seabee is loving life, the Curtiss is a Religious experience. Should have the Bucker and Clipwing at Blakesburg!