If you're planning on attending the 2015 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in, you may be concerned about the condition of the N-S runway, especially after the abuse of last years Fly-in left it in much less than ideal condition.

Well after the Fly-in was over and our weather pattern changed to a drier one, we were able to smooth a lot of the ruts and get the sod coming back before the onset of winter.

Once spring arrived we again set to work with our sod drag, a roller and our Bad Boy mower to continue the work of getting the runway back in nominal shape.

It should be noted that once the Fly-in was over last year and we were able to get to work on it , its been usable and used throughout these past ten months.

While work will continue on the runway right up until the beginning of the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in on Sept. 2nd, we’re happy to report that the runway is in good shape and improving.

We’ve hauled in several loads of good dirt (via the chair of our Fly-in Security volunteers, Denny Whitson) for the ramp in front of AAA HQ, Hangars 1 & 2, as well as for the N-S runway. Ben Taylor & Barry Taylor have spent a lot of time leveling up the dirt using our sod drag, preparing it for and seeding all those areas. We still have a couple more loads of dirt needed on the N half of the runway and one or two loads needed on the very S end but we plan to have that project taken care of by the end of next week (weather permitting).

To give you a bit of perspective five ton of good fill dirt is $100 and 20 lbs. of grass seed is $50. Twenty tons of dirt and forty pounds or so of grass seed have gone down in the damaged areas of the ramp and runway so far with at least another 15 tons of dirt to go.

Expenses like that are the reason we started the 2015 APM Capital Campaign. Thanks to all who have donated so far!

Denny Whitson spreading one of several loads of dirt on the most tore up areas of the N-S runway. this area has now been smoothed, seeded and grass is coming up.

An overhead shot of IA27 from late June, shows how green and full the grass and ground cover is. The runway is in good shape and we’re working hard to have it back in great shape by the AAA/APM Fly-in.