Last year saw many improvements in and around the Pub, including new glass doors at the rear entrance, new lights for the “Pub Angel” on the roof, landscape work in the beer garden area out back and some electrical (read FM) work/improvements. Of course there was the usual efforts to stem the roof from leaking but more on the roof in a minute.

First, the food. The Pilots Pub will once again enjoy the culinary artistry of Chef Ken aided by Luke, Eric, Jeff, the other Erik and Mark (aka “Uncle Ken & the Disciples”). Teri, Jane and Sheila will be keeping the peanut trays full and the other volunteers on task making certain the Patrons enjoy themselves.

Please remember your donations and the Pub crews billfolds are the only funding for the culinary classics they provide, so plan to drop a few bucks in the tip jars if you would.

Started last year in order to provide maintenance and improvements to the Pub, including the eventual and complete re-roofing, we’re again offering the opportunity to become a Patron of the Pub.

“Flying Flivver” level, 25-50 hp ($) will receive 4 current year koozies.

“Lightplane” level, 51-99 hp ($) will receive 4 koozies and a Pub t-shirt.

“Sportsman Pilot” level 100-150 hp ($), will receive 4 koozies, a Pub t-shirt and your choice of a Pub flag or custom patron design boxer style shorts

“Bamboo Bomber” level over 150 hp ($) will receive 4 koozies, a Pub t-shirt and your choice of a custom patron design vest, skirt or shirt.

By the way, both the design and production of these “custom patron design” items are due to the efforts of Teri Lancaster. Donations can be sent in advance and earmarked as Pub Patron, or brought in during the fly-in.

There is also a Pub raffle planned that will feature such items as an autographed Antique Airfield windsock, a Brent Taylor Productions canvas print and a “spokescandies” character!

Keep watch here on the Antique Airfield website for more details/pics of the Patron premiums as they become available or contact us here at if you have questions.

So stop in. Meet old friends. Tell a yarn. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Join Mark & Teri Lancaster, as well as the rest of the Pub crew, nightly, Wed (Sept 2nd) - Sun (Sept. 5th) , 6 pm to midnight.