With less than ninety days until the start of the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in, there is much to be done to be ready to host all our AAA members and guests in what we plan to be a much drier and better attended event as opposed to last year’s “Lakesburg” event.

Along with those preparations we have also undertaken the 2015 APM Capitol Improvement Fund to help finance not only repairs to the field as a result of last years fly-in but also finance some major and much needed infrastructure projects.

Several of those projects were worked on over the weekend, along with a couple of unplanned but worthwhile ones. Following are pictures of the weekends efforts by; Gary Van Farowe, Bob Tejchma, Ken Marth, Eric Fritz, Luke Pieper, Jessica Fuller, Mark Lancaster, Barry Taylor, Ben, Marcy & Brent Taylor.

Bob Tejchma & Gary Van Farowe at work replacing the roof (new roof panels to the left) on the N half of the APM Annex

Bob & Gary continue making progress on the roofing project including leveling the porch roof that has suffered frost heave over the last few years.

With the APM porch roof structure back in place, re-roofing continued.

Meanwhile Denny was busy hauling in several loads of dirt for the ramp in front of AAA HQ, Hangars 1 & 2, as well as for the N-S runway. Ben Taylor & Barry Taylor spent time leveling up the dirt using our sod drag and now all is ready for grass seed.

To give you a bit of perspective, Barry Taylor is shown seeding approximately five tons of fill after being smoothed !! Five ton of good fill dirt is $100 and 20 lbs. of grass seed is $50. Fifteen tons of dirt and thirty pounds or so of grass seed went down in the damaged areas of the ramp and runway over the weekend with at least another 15 tons of dirt to go next week alone. Expenses per above, are the reason we started the 2015 APM Capital Campaign Fun. "Thanks" to all who have donated so far !!!

One unplanned project that was finished over the weekend was the installation of a decorative fence and flagpole around the the flower bed/rock garden Marcy Taylor & Cindy Grimm put in a couple of weeks ago. Ken Marth, Eric Fritz & Luke Pieper work on installing the fence while.....

...Ben Taylor cuts some steel pipe to use for support of the flagpole.

Test fitting the flagpole installation before final assembly of the whole structure. As the flag went up, it was noted most appropriately by those involved, that this was the 71st Anniversary of D-Day!

With installation of the fence and flagpole completed, this somewhat unplanned project certainly helped improve the looks of the grounds at the APM. Note the new roof on the APM Annex in the background!

Work on the N wall in Powell Hall continued and “Thanks” to Ken Marth & Luke Pieper, framing of the new wall is complete. Next will come insulation and the wall covering, then we can turn our attention to removing the old outside wall and replacing it with steel siding.

We plan to have another work weekend on June 26th & 27th to finish moving the N wall in Powell Hall, continue with the re-roofing of the APM Annex and prepare to replace the doors on the APM Main Museum hangar. If you can come help, please let Brent Taylor at AAA Headquarters know and we hope to see you then!

Please remember all these ongoing projects are "Thanks" to the generosity of those AAA members, APM donors, fans & friends via the 2015 APM Capital Campaign Fun.

We're over halfway to our goal of $20K but could use your help in meeting our goal and having all our planned projects done in time for the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in (Sept 2nd - 7th). Remember your donation is fully tax deductible and every donation, no matter the size, counts!

Brent Taylor