The Potomac Antique Aero Squadron (PAAS) held its 47th annual Fly-In this year on the weekend of May15-16 at the picturesque Horn Point Aerodrome near Maryland’s historic eastern shore town of Cambridge. This year we had the best weather that we have had in several years.

Not only did we have beautiful CAVU weather conditions on the day of the fly-in itself, but the dry days just prior to the Fly-In Saturday permitted the University of Maryland Extension Owner Group to closely cut the grass in the aircraft parking areas for us. This made for near ideal conditions for our Friday field set-up day as well as for all of our Fly-In operations on Saturday.

We had excellent attendance this year with nearly sixty airplanes on the field. Our Air Traffic Control, Airplane Parking and Aircraft Judging Teams were kept very busy throughout day. With the wide variety and number of registered airplanes in attendance, we were able to make awards for ten of our twelve major judging categories.

Of the several excellent aircraft that were awarded winning plaques, there was one which stood out from all of the other winners. It was the “Antique Grand Champion” award winner, a WACO UBF-2 “open cockpit biplane”, owned by Andy Hochhans of Norfolk Virginia, which literally sparkled in the sunlight It’s unpainted aluminum engine ring cowl was polished to a mirror-like finish.

We were very pleased that Anne Fichera was able to have our departed founder Joe Fichera’s pristine 1930 Brunner Winkle Bird biplane flown in for display throughout the day. Joe’s outstanding restoration of this historically significant Lindberg aircraft is a fitting memorial in memory of PAAS Founder and Master Craftsman Joe Fichera’s legendary talents. Our President Art Kudner saw fit to award the “Bird” our PAAS President’s Choice Award this year.

There were also several aircraft that were new to our fly-in; standouts that would have brought many admirers at any gathering of vintage aircraft. We had many attendees from the surrounding towns with professional level cameras in hand to photograph the many interesting airplanes.

Our suitably costumed “Tophatted” gentleman was back again this year with his horse and antique passenger buggy soliciting rides for all who wanted them. All in all, we had a very successful day which was professionally handled by our many dedicated volunteers who covered all phases of air traffic control, aircraft as well as some special car parking, reception, registration, judging and crowd control.

Pete D’Anna
PAAS Chief Judge
May 31, 2015

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