Hey Guys,

Wanted you to know that I got Johnny Dorr's Clipped Wing Stearman. It's been sitting in a hangar in Mississippi for years and finally all the legal wrangling came to an end and I got it from the fellow who did all the hard work. It's been Exp/Exb since 1948 and I have all the original logs and paperwork back to the RTC bill of sale in 1945. Pete Jones and Kevin Kimball have verified it's a virgin fuselage and although the airplane appears to be single cockpit, it has all of the front pit intact. The cover can be removed, a windshield installed, and it's ready to go. It's going to need quite a bit of work but is complete. I'll give you more progress reports as they happen. The consensus is that Johnny Dorr was the only guy who ever flew it so I could possibly be the second person. The conversion dates back to 1948. Here's a few pics from the stuff I received with the records. As to how it flies? There is a You Tube vid showing some of Dorr's flying from converted 8mm film to DVD.

The first pic is the front page of Dorr's Ag School brochure showing the airplane sometime around the late 70's. That is Johnny Dorr with all his awards standing in front of the airplane in the brochure. He passed away in 1987.

The next photo shows the airplane in the late 40's/early 50's in the original configuration which isn't much different from the current set up. AT10 cowl, R680-13, AT10 exhaust. Has a large smoke system and a catch tank for running inverted for a little while but the schematics were drawn out on the back of some invoices with a pencil!

Johnny seemed to not fly it after about 1979 when it was last approved. I think they mainly used it as a back drop or ''calling card'' for his Ag Flying School he ran for years in Marigold, Mississippi. It ran but some remaining legal complications and a big dose of common sense dictated it be trucked to Texas. It suffered no damage in the transport. BTW, It still has the Bendix ''Flightphone'' radio in it with the manually tuned loop and trailing antenna!

A lot of people have heard about this airplane over the years but unless you actually went to Mississippi and saw it sitting in the hangar you thought it was a rumor. I remember seeing pics of chopped wing airshow Stearmans in all those Stearman books but never any pics like these. He did airshows in it from around 1948 to about 1970. Fortunately, all of the shows and ferry time is in the log book.

Like I said, I may be the second guy to fly it since everyone I've talked to said Dorr never let anyone else fly the thing. The BOTTOM wings are about 138 inches long from spar attach to tip. The TOP wings are about 118 inches but the extra width of the center section insures the top wings are overall a foot or so longer than the bottom wings. The ailerons are on the bottom wing only and have an inboard servo tab that, to me, doesn't looked geared enough to do any good but it probably didn't need it anyway. Here's a pic of the radio. I think it has 5 crystals for transmitting but I can't find any info on it on line. The second pic is the manual loop knob.

Ben Morphew