While most know Antique Airfield for the annual AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in and our annual Pumpkin Drop, another annual event is held a week or two after the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in. That event is the "Rusty Shaw Memorial Fun Fly," and it consists of a loyal group of RC Sailplane enthusiasts who spend the weekend launching RC sailplanes into the air above Antique Airfield using electric winches.

The reason for the name of the event? Rusty Shaw was a well-known and very talented RC Sailplane builder/pilot as well as a loyal volunteer around Antique Airfield. When Rusty died a few year ago the event went from a sanctioned AMA event to a "Fun Fly" which seems to be a more fitting style event and one which we're certain Rusty would approve of. So if you're an RC Sailplane enthusiast or interested in learning more about the sport of RC Sailplanes plan on being at Antique Airfield the middle of next September to join in the fun.

Some of the many different RC Sailplanes that were flown over the weekend

That trailer either holds a full scale power glider or a very large scale RC Sailplane!

A group getting ready for another round of flying. Notice the electric winches on the ground which are used to launch the sailplanes.

AAA Lifetime member Jim Porter (center with transmitter in hand) is another well-known RC Sailplane enthusiast