Well the 2014 AAA/APM Fly-in will certainly go down as one of our most memorable events, though more likely in an infamous sort of way than due to record attendance.

We had a very challenging week with weather both here and across the country that cut our attendance figures by 30-35% over our 2013 record attendance. Still, even with all the challenges we faced, (be it via mother nature or human nature) we had a safe event. Perhaps the highlight of the event was the mass exodus on Sunday afternoon when we were at last able to open up 700 ft of the runway for departures. Our parking and flightline crew did a masterful job of safely launching 83 aircraft in an hour (50+ in the first half hour) following a formula of light aircraft first, then working up to the heavier aircraft. Everything from Cubs to the Howards & C-195s made it out safely using that method.

While it can (and will) be said that the 2014 AAA/APM Fly-in may not have been one of our best, we’ve already received a great amount of positive feedback and even a very well done report on AOPA Live.

So with the challenges of the past week behind us, it’s time to look ahead. The Board of Directors of both the Antique Airplane Association (AAA) & Air Power Museum (APM) would like to announce the dates for the 2015 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in, September 2nd – 7th, 2015.

Start making plans!