Though Antique Airfield and surrounding areas were under a flash flood warning due the reported 3+ inches of rain received since around 4:30 Saturday morning, the annual mowing party went on (though delayed a few hours).

Along with that, a major step forward was taken in work on the APM Restoration Center, the new ceiling was installed. Then early Sunday our new wind tee arrived and was installed. Built by well known Ercoupe builder/pilots Jack Arthur & Mark Kokstis, it will actually be marked as a memorial to our favorite Ercoupe pilot Mike "Cowboy" Abrahams (Jack's brother-in-law).

"THANKS" to a loyal group of volunteers, much of the necessary work to get Antique Airfield ready for the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in was accomplished. And while there’s still more to do, things are looking good and on schedule for the start of the event this coming Wednesday.

The first piece of steel goes up on the ceiling of the APM Restoration Center Friday evening about 6pm

By dark, almost half the ceiling steel had been installed (from the left, APM Director Steve Adkisson, Larry Phelps, Brian West, Ben Taylor, Steve Hendryx & Scott Christiansen)

Time for a break at the end of a long day.

Saturday morning work resumed on the APM Restoration Center ceiling and by noon that project was completed (from the L, APM Director Steve Adkisson, Scott Christiansen, Larry Phelps, Steve Hendryx & Ken Marth

Even though there was water standing in lots of places on the airport the mowers were fired up and began the business of getting IA27 mowed. Ben Taylor gets John Lossner checked out on the Bad Boy.

Lunch time

APM director Aaron Klugherz and APM President Mike Gretz

Tim Verhoeven knocks down the big stuff with the Dexta and brush cutter.

No matter if behind an old fashioned push mower or a weed eater, Brian West was seen all over the airport.

While Holly Vanorny and Jessica Fuller finish the repainting of the Pilot’s Pub sign, APM Directors Luke Pieper, Mark Lancaster along with Ryan Fritz string new lights on the Pilot's Pub "Angel"

APM Director Mike Lossner flying low on the Bad Boy

Was it wet you say? Ryan & Eric Fritz rescuing a stuck mower.

APM Directors Luke Pieper and Steve Black power washing the floor in the APM Restoration Center in preparations for making it the "Runway Cinema" during the fly-in.

Mark Kokstis & Jack Arthur, the builders of our new wind tee.

Toby Hanson, Steve Adkisson, Tim Verhoeven, Ben Taylor, Mark Kokstis & Jack Arthur, the crew that unloaded and mounted the new wind tee.

The new wind tee will be marked as a memorial to our favorite Ercoupe pilot, Mike "Cowboy" Abrahams.

Once again this year, AAA Lifetime member Ryan Lihs (via his company Red Line Aviation), stepped forward to have Antique Airfield sprayed for bugs, making our fly-in attendees stay more enjoyable. AAA lifetime member Dallas Grimm flew the Air Tractor down from Pender, NE and did the application.

Dallas & the Air Tractor get air born and ....

Go to work!