Even with the weather being less than ideal (low ceilings, fog, mist & rain), there was a lot happening at Antique Airfield over the weekend and a lot of items got checked off of Fly-in Chairman Brent Taylor's "to do" list.

Saturday's crew (Dave Coop, Dan Quinn, Luke Pieper, Jeff Claypool, Jessica Fuller, Holly Vanorny, Sydney Lundberg, Mark & Gloria Robotti, Mark & Teri Lancaster, Ben, Marcy & Brent Taylor) got the S Showerhouse activated, the Pilot's Pub cleaned and setup along with giving the Pub sign a facelift, the Hy-Vee Mess Hall cleaned and floor painted, the fuel truck serviced and running, new locks on many of the buildings and much more!

Sunday saw Ben & Brent Taylor helping Rick Gritters and Dan Quinn with projects in the Hy-Vee Mess Hall, the Pilot’s Pub, the APM Restoration Center and on the APM's Great Lakes.

But there's still much to do! Hope to see many of our loyal volunteers this coming weekend for the Annual Mowing Party and the final push to have Antique Airfield ready for the start of the fly-in on Wednesday August 27th!

Dan & Luke work on getting the south showerhouse up and running.

Sydney & Holly put their artistic talents to work on re-painting Pilot’s Pub sign.

Lunch time!

Not certain what Mark and Dave are doing but it looks akin to seeing how many people you can stuff in VW...

...Or it could have something to do with getting the booths setup in the Pilot's Pub.

Jesse said something about, "Same old thing every day....clean up the bird cage"?

Jeff works his magic on the fuel truck, to bring it out of hibernation.