EAA Chapter 211 has been restoring the APM's Eaglet. At last update the fuselage was being painted. APM Director Gary Van Farowe sent us this new update:

We were ready to put some parts together after the winter, been painting and then wrapping and storing, time to see it together and see what it looks like. We have been having a good turn out, 3 to 5 guys every work session, but I have been gone a lot so that has slowed it down. Everyone has been able to do almost any type task so far and the results have be very good.

We have 30 to 80 year old people working together and its been rewarding. Have wings to finish paint on one and rib stitching on the other then finish painting. Have started on engine and we are happy the way it looks.

We put a couple of odd ball wheels on to move it, as we are looking for some donations of Lamb adapters and some good 8:00x4 tires to have Dresser smooth recap. The blue we used came from some over spray we found on the firewall and bottom of the seats. The plane has been a yellow for many years. Our goal is flying it to Oshkosh 2015 and then delivering it to the owner (APM) in Blakesburg, but we are all volunteers so we will see.